GC '07: Viking: Battle for Asgard First Look by GameSpot

Creative Assembly has a fondness for Vikings. The developer best known for Total War is now working on a new franchise, one that bears little resemblance to the popular strategy games that its known for. Viking: Battle of Asgard will throw you into the boots of a fearless Viking warrior caught between a war of two goddesses. And while you'll be able to romp around and slay monsters and enemies on your own, the highlight of this game is undoubtedly its huge siege battles which let you charge headfirst at the front of an army that's hundreds of warriors in size.

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xionpunk4131d ago

This reminds me of a game called rune on ps2.Looks more interesting though. To the above, assgard? thats like laughing at poop. heh...poop.

acies4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Fondness for vikings? So you say.... Yet I find only proof of that in some select few of the concept art images.
It feels..... I don't know how to describe it, but it most certainly does not feel like anything deserved of the title Vikings.
I can imagine the brainstorming, the yelling about in the conference room, and an illiterate chump goes 'Vikings!' 'Vikings? What are those?' 'Uhh... Barbarians of the North! Or.. something.'
Barbarians, swords, orcs. The telltale gist of it? I'd say it looks more Conan wrapped up in a plastic foil, with the exception of the Tolkienesque orcs. Quite the imaginative lot, even if sarcasm, for they most certainly haven't done their research.