Resident Evil petition gets Capcom's attention

Online petitions rarely get the attention of the publishers that they're targeting. Not in this case, however. The official call for a Resident Evil PSP game has earned the attention of Capcom. In an e-mail sent to the petition creator, a Capcom representative made note that for real results to be seen, 10,000 signatures would be needed: "As we plan for future games the team will definitely consider the fans and specifically your petition. It does have impact. Keep me updated on the number of signatures. If you get over 10,000 that will draw significant attention."

If you wish to be part of the petition, Visit the following Link:

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SCThor3981d ago

If anyone wants to make a PSP devil may cry petition, I'm in too

Shaka2K63981d ago

There is already a DMC for PSP in the works though we havent seen anything from that in a long time, also now with SHO on the PSP i love for Capcom to make a RE game for PSP really they are missing out, this needs to happend im in for the petition only one can dream off, i also been always calling for Square to make a KH tittle for PSP.

The Snake3981d ago

As long as it's like the newer Resident Evil games (4,5) rather than the earlier ones, I'm in.

roadkillers3981d ago

Your welcome for you tip :)

Hellgiver3980d ago

We need to keep this getting hotter, so it will catch more people's attention. We'll hit that 10,000

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The story is too old to be commented.