Joe Danger to get DLC

At the Eurogamer expo we wandered into a small back room for the Hello Games developer session entitled “Cooking with Hello Games”. We were shown a number of things but the one stand out was that Joe Danger will be receiving DLC in the form of costumes and tracks.

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-Alpha2786d ago

Sounds good. Wish they'd offer more events for Multiplayer instead of just racing though because racing is so boring. I love the stunt events.

despair2786d ago

I agree, improving the MP would add some serious legs to this great game.

Chango2786d ago

too bad this game blows without horse back riding

Spaghett2786d ago ShowReplies(1)
Capdastaro2786d ago

I wanted this game, but I only just bought Trials HD which an amazing game!

ambientFLIER2786d ago

Lol at the disagrees. This site needs to show exactly who the agrees/disagrees are coming from.