A bigger and meaner Xbox live on the way

This news can be nothing but good news for gamers playing on the LIVE infrastructure.

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Daytona3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Nothing but GREAT things continue to come our way!!!

Digital distrobution is a definate plus, also if HD-DVD wins, I'm sure the ability to watch the movie and go on line simultainiously is a definate plus in TV/VIDEO.

IPTV has the most short term promise, more Xbox360/PC game playing, there's no end to what the imagination can come up with here.

Friendly partnerships bring about a healthy "LIVE" for all gamers.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3953d ago (Edited 3953d ago )

Opps wrong reply, here have a bubble I agree with what you said anyway.

MikeGdaGod3953d ago

xbots like girls?????????


codeazrael3954d ago

The Xbox 360 will take full advantage of digital distribution, and that means a diverse array of downloadable content from movies, music, and maybe before this generation is over...downloadable versions of games in the 360 library at a discount.

resistance1003954d ago

PS3 is already doing that with warhawk, socom, littlebigplanet etc

anyway nice to see i can get more use of my marketplace

power of Green 3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

I think he's happy MS made a deal with a company that will further free up other possibilities MS has held back because of server tech etc and size blah blah blah, its great news.

We were buying games digitally before PS3 launched.

Ri0tSquad3954d ago

Since the 20 gb is too small I have to pay $180 for a 120gb hard drive is a ripp off. And chances are you can only play the game you brought only when your on live isn't any good either. Still pretty cool there doing this.

Depressed Mode3954d ago

codeazrael your avatar rocks :D

codeazrael3954d ago

I was both scared and tickled by Pennwise the clown in the movie, "IT"

Tempo3954d ago

that Steven King is a freak.

rogimusprime3954d ago

some "atta boy" knee pads just so you can please M$ in the way you really want to. I see you in almost every thread, just balls deep in microsoft pants.

millertime83063953d ago

While your title might be a logical conclusion from the article content, xbox live is not mentioned once in that article...

cool stuff nonetheless.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3953d ago

What do you think the Hard Drive in your $600 PS3 was free and given to you out of the kindness of Sony's heart? eh, duh, dee dee dee and huh?

millertime83063953d ago

I think he's bringing attention to the fact that in the PS3 you can replace the hard drive with any 2.5" SATA hard drive at a much cheaper cost than the proprietary hard drives that Microsoft sells. While the issue of disk space isn't directly related to the article, I have to agree that Microsoft's pricing on its accessories is a little ridiculous (specifically the WIFI adapter in my mind).

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Bloodmask3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

This is only the beginning. With how much money the movie industry is making with downloadable movies and HD movies. Overall live is a great way more movie makers to make a great profit with huge savings. Digital distribution saves them all of the physical media and packaging costs. Plus the addition of Live on PCs.

I expect some time in the future there will be advertisement on live which will eventually lead to it being free.

"Lions Gate Entertainment reports that the demand services, including Xbox Live's Video Marketplace, has helped drive up their revenue by 50 percent.

Their 15 films on the Xbox Live service have been downloaded about 150,000 times."

codeazrael3954d ago

Am I the only one sick of these ads covering my entire screen when I try to comment? Anyways, to resistance, I havent heard of the full version of Socom to be available as a download. I mean I heard Warhawk may be, but come on, that is only a multiplayer game, so there is not much to transfer, and littlebigplanet, no matter how you look at it is in fact a platformer, and platformers do not require alot of.......anything. Now if Socom is made available as a download, I'll give Sony their due.

beans3954d ago

I thought is was only me but these adds are really starting to annoy me!

razer3954d ago

I'm glad you brought that up about the ad's.

WTF IS UP N4G!!! These stupid cover the screen ad's are the kind of thing that will drive me away from this site..

monkey6023953d ago

i dont get any ads. so not everyone has them then

Daishi3953d ago

If you use internet explorer, you can turn pop ups off completely but you have to right click and open things in a different tab to read news. Small price to pay IMO.

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Daytona3954d ago

Then if you hook up your Xbox 360 to it "BAM" a total entertainment service for real. Download a game digial distrobution style, watch a movie, surf the net or just watch your choice of several hundred channels.

ER1X3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Do they even offer a web browser yet?

360_Rules3954d ago

No need to get a virus that's what PC's are for.

Bnet3433954d ago

Yeah it's called Windows

power of Green 3954d ago

You shouldn't be in here if you don't know the anwser to that. Major Nelson did mention that MS has considered it at E3 in a interview with AOTS's Kevin P.

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Azurite3954d ago

Wonder if you need to pay extra for it.