Crytek deep into PS3 development, creating "secret technologies"

Crytek, the team behind the upcoming Crysis, is heavily invested in console development. In fact, it appears that Crytek is especially invested in Sony's next-gen platform. "Our PS3 development is going deeper than many people assume right now," studio boss Cevat Yerli told

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Panthers4070d ago

They should be able to do amazing things with the PS3

Takumi864070d ago ShowReplies(5)
quiddd4070d ago

but it remains to be see what quality are the "secret technologies."

Demon19804070d ago

Yes, but looking @ Crysis I'm sure these developers will do a wonderful job.

A Man4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

So much for Xbox 360 development LOL, I'm happy i'm buying a ps3:)

Edit: I couldnt care less for the 360 after this year, the game can go on the 360, i dont care. This time next year my ps3 will be on top of my desk and my 360 will be a door stop.

Smellslikepie4070d ago

""It's a complete departure from Crysis and Far Cry, it's not a first-person shooter," he explained. The game, which is also bound for Xbox 360, won't feature any of the cross-platform issues that have been plaguing sloppier releases."

Erm, what? This is being developed for the Xbox 360 as well as the Playstation 3

Demon19804070d ago

"Our PS3 development is going deeper than many people assume right now," Yerli said.

"The PS3 room is separate because we have some secret technologies being developed there which are not related to CryEngine 2."

Even though they are developing a game for both of the consoles, I feel as if their future games will be better on the PS3 or they might make more exclusive PS3 games.

Smellslikepie4070d ago

Ah right, yes. You do have a point, Demon.