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Three levels. Three levels of absolute shooting chaos. They weren’t short levels, quite the contrary, but I only found that out after watching another guy play these three levels. My time with these three levels went too fast, and I remember feeling scandalised that I had barely smirched the controller before needing to pass it on to the next person. Then he played the same three levels as me, as that was all we could play. It was only a demo, but I still was hungry for more.

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lars2thev2788d ago

Guess this will be one of the best shooters of 2011.

jinofthesheep2788d ago

should be without a doubt but the market is going to be busy with a lot of tripple A FPSs coming out. still, killzone is the PS3's flagship shooter now so should do well!

simplesteve2788d ago

naaah it'll lead the way by far on the ps3 as owners of em are waitin for this an if there were a choice id take KZ3 over anyting else

2788d ago
vflhp2788d ago

I'd like to think so, KZ2 was amazing but this really looks like it's gonna top it!

simplesteve2788d ago

blatantly!! looks immense but hands in is wicked!!! 3D makes it all the better an all

vflhp2788d ago

Gah, count yourself lucky for having a 3DTV. :P

HeavenlySnipes2788d ago

did you guys get disagrees? There is nothing to disagree on? Steve said the game looks wicked in 3d and vflhp told him he was lucky for seeing it in 3d. Is the diagree monster trolling this place.

MidnytRain2788d ago

@HeavenlySnipes No, no, no it's the Disagree Fairy. Much more whimsical and free-spirited.

stannersprice2788d ago

looks no different to killzone 2 though guys! only slight weapon changes and a AI modification. that's not enough!!

gijsbrecht2788d ago

All you could have seen are 3 small portions of one sp level and some MP gameplay. None of these were finished and certainly nothing was revealed about new stuff. Please wait with this sort of comments when the game is actually there to play.

HeavenlySnipes2788d ago

Fit that exact description but were both great games. Killzone 3 fixes ad adds many things that players wanted. Fixed input lag (now even n00bs can play), more weapons, more perks for each class (your welcome Halo Reach for having classes now), there are now mechs and jetpacks in the game (jetpacks were USEABLE in Killzone Liberation on psp, Mechs from KZ2), more environments that vary; from jungles to the arctic and new gamemodes and revamped party up system (thanks Halo : D) and clan support. So yeah I guess you lose...

Bathyj2788d ago

Considering Killzone 2 already had the best graphics, weapons feel, and AI, STILL, 2 years down the track, then any improvement over that makes for a great game dont you think?

Takoulya2788d ago

I played it in the Playstation Canada Event yesterday. For those who worry about it being too much like CoD, I say that you shouldn't at all. This game is Killzone to the core. The only changes it has made are improvements. Be sure to get this game, guys!

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The story is too old to be commented.