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GamersNET: Homefront Multiplayer preview

When we first made Rambler know Homefront E3 last June and had a very good impression. The single player game late in the show that dares to take time for a story, gameplay with quiet moments that alternate with fast action shooter. Not for nothing is the game in that respect sometimes compared with Half-Life. Recently we were in London to see more of the game, but in the form of multiplayer. Each now has a multiplayer shooter, and although we have a very early pre-alpha version saw, we did a good impression of the innovations of the Homefront multiplayer to start bidding. (Homefront, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

lars2thev  +   1790d ago
Very nice preview. The multiplayer looks interesting by adding BattlePoints that you can use in the game you're playing at that time.

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