What makes a video game legendary? breaks down the essentials of video games, and show what really needs to be in a game for it to last the test of time.

Out of the many years we have had video games in our lives, there are but a handful of titles that have stood out of the pack. Those few select games have created a following that will last the ages...

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steriotyp4129d ago

That is the key element for sure. check out the article. I like it.

ItsDubC4128d ago

I would consider Tetris a legendary game w/ out a storyline, but of course, that's just my opinion.

steriotyp4129d ago

I was told to have an epic game as the pic and what is more epic right now than Halo 3 right? LOL

Rooted_Dust4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

It doesn't look like the models in the game though. The ones in the game look smoother.

steriotyp4128d ago

it's a real screen shot, fully rendered. just click it to blow it up.

Rooted_Dust4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Nintendo - Mario
Xbox - Halo
PC - Half-Life
PS - Metal Gear Solid?...Still waiting?

Edit: Those who disagree with no reason might as well not have any opinion at all.

steriotyp4128d ago

good list, mine would be similar

Nintendo - Mario/Zelda

Sega - Sonic/ Nights

Atari - ummm....maybe AVP, but it really didn't have a big hit other than cannon fodder.

NeoGeo - King of Fighters

3DO - Gex

CD-I - who cares

Xbox - Halo

PS/X/2/3 - FFVII/Wild Arms/God of War

did I miss anything?