6 PES 2008 Gameplay Videos Across Each Platform

Here are six gameplay videos for Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 running on each dedicated platform respectively brought to you by French gaming site

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resistance1003930d ago

Gamespot was right, the ps3 version is sharper well it is the lead platform but hey.

Finally a next gen PES

Lightning Mr Bubbles3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Haven't seen FIFA 08 in action yet. But I do have FIFA 07 for PS2 and this new Pro Evo totally owns it visually anyway.

Lord Anubis3930d ago

come on lad, the sport is about the action. ProEvo is the best there is. Fifa is trying to get to the same level but it will take them a while.

sanderFVCKINcohen3930d ago

Have you guys not seen Fifa 08 gameplay, with all there new animation any everything. Its going to kill this game.

kingboy3930d ago

The ps2 version runs faster and better compared to the others

xaphanze3930d ago

what the hell was that?
did u guy see the 360 and ps3 versions?looks like old gen to me, guess ill be getting FIFA after all (H).

Rama262853930d ago

Everyone who judges this game on graphics doesn't deserve to own it. When will you people learn that PES is the most successfully due to it's life-like gameplay??

Antan3930d ago

Well said Rama! PES philosophy! Gameplay over gfx......Also, you`re looking a bit thin there, might wanna get a few burgers down ya neck!!!

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