GameSpot: GC '07: Project Gotham Racing 4 Updated Impressions

Gamespot spent an enjoyable half hour this morning chatting with developers of the upcoming Project Gotham Racing 4, a game the team at Bizarre Creations has been hard at work at for quite a while now. While discussing the online aspects of the next version in the lauded racing series, a familiar reference was brought up more than once: the old NBC comedy Cheers. Now, PGR fans, don't be frightened off by the reference: the game isn't all of a sudden going to feature Cliff Clavin and Norm Peterson tearing through the streets of Tokyo in Cliff's mail truck. Instead, the reference refers to the feeling of unity and teamwork that team at Bizarre is trying to create with PGR 4's online play. It's just one of the many factors in PGR 4 that make this such an interesting, and highly anticipated racing game.

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PS360PCROCKS4129d ago

I'm excited for this but I'm more excited right now for Bioshock and Halo. And now I am going back to Bioshock! :)