A Couple of Facts

PSM's Editor-in-Chief Rob Smith sets some facts straight.

"I just want to clear one thing up: I didn't review either Lair or Warhawk. Both reviews were done by staffers. I did sign off on them, obviously, but didn't spend anything like the time our reviewers did."

More after the jump as well as responses from PSM subscribers.

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WilliamRLBaker3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Ok since it wasn't a dupe I can now post....All you Cows are funny as hell, I love the 2 disagree's when MEER forum users posting proof that he's a fanboy was accepted as TRUE news on this site...LOL

As for that your all just mad cause you we're proven wrong, Face it WARHAWK SUCKS! and So does lair.

they are both crappy games on a less then stellar console..Simply put ps3 will not be #1 this gen, Wii and 360 will!

larry0073957d ago

This guy was appointed by PSM in JUNE.

You need to have the approval oF EIC before publishing reviews.

LAIR got 9 from PLAY

8 from GI and PSW

8.5 from DOUCE--the 2nd biggest POLISH MAGAZINE

9.0 from DOUCE
4/5 from yahoo games (they gave 4.5 to Bioshock)

YOU CAN ALL DETERMINE the crebility of PSM spearheaded by the former EIC of OXM

He was injected into PSM to do dirty tricks just like what MS did with Moore.

MS pushed Moore into EA to make inferior games on the ps3

B3YOND3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

ttp:// ntent_page.php?aid=23726

Someone has just posted a bunch of links early to show that NEXTGENIRELAND (like ThreeSpeech) was in fact a Sony's mouthpiece. So, NEXTGENIRELAND gives good scores to Sony games = Sony reviews their own games and likes them.

Yahoo gives Warhawk 4/5 = 8.0 out of 10. It's not too far off from the 6.5 out of 10 that PSM gives Warhawk. 6.5 is not exactly a bad score, it's just not a great score. 6.5 = fair game, 8.0 = good but not great. So, they are actually close. Games that get 6 from one place usually get 7 or 8 from other places -- that's normal.

Bathyj3957d ago

Have you played either game William?

You talk as if you knew for a fact but you're only guessing and biased too.

You dont mind if we wait to find out for ourselves do you? Cool, thanks.

LeonSKennedy4Life3957d ago

I've played Warhawk...and I can comfortably's Battlefield 1942 on CRACK! The game is just amazing!

EZCheez3957d ago

Let me just use your own words to reply to this comment

"Because fanboys are illogical and stupid."

There you go. You said it yourself.

And thanks for letting me know Warhawk sucks. I mean, what was I thinking trusting my own judgment? I can't believe I played this game and thought it was great. Thank goodness we have people like you here to clarify.

You are an idiot. Wait, i'll give you the benefit of the doubt and take that back. You're just ignorant.

Bathyj3957d ago

Thats my point Leon. All the people talking trash about it (and taking some kind of simple minded pleasure from a bad review, as if that benefits them somehow) HAVEN'T played it.

Its just the same as about 98% of people who knock PS3 everyday, DONT HAVE ONE.

Shouldn't you guys be playing Bioshock? Thats what I'm doing this afternoon.

HateBoy3957d ago

Wow, those douce guys giving it high scores really makes ur point valid, not... fakk sake, SECOND largest magazine in POLAND? I think psm has a little more legitimacy than that. Might as well mention that Borat thought it was kewl as bring that up.
And also chill down on the paranoid stuff, its just incredibly dumb. Last, read what the man said, then scroll down and read what another retarded fanboy like u wrote and read Robs (or Rod? cant remember) answer. Is it just me or are the fanboys actually getting dumber? Stupids

WilliamRLBaker3957d ago

Bathy is more of a fanboy then me, Any and every xbox 360 positive story he comes in and says some thing fanboyish, And any time there is an positive sony story hes all YEAH, and When theres a negative ps3 he comes in and denys it.

EZ cheeze....
- Personal attacks on other members will not be tolerated and will result in temp or permanent ban....Hmmm So calling me an idiot huh? thats all i have to say to you.

And proof....
No reviews up there yet, But it got what? 6.5 on psm magazine *oh no the conspiracy!!!*

P.S: I beta tested and the game sucked...weither you believe i was part of the beta or not:)

Omegasyde3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

William how can you hate fanboys when indeed you are one?

You bash on everything sony as of late. I followed you on your comments in your history.

..and you thought no one would notice huh? ;) caught ya.

So by saying "fanboys are idiots", you are indeed calling yourself a idiot. In other words you are a hypocrite. Good find on the article though.

EDIT: No one could see if you have beta tested the Warhawk, so it truly is your word with what your review is going off. No offense but I don't believe you played Warhawk. I am having a hard enough time believing you have a playstation 3 in the first place.

Bathyj3956d ago

You're full of it Bill. If I was as much a fanboy as you I'd give up gaming and probably stay up all night slapping the piss out of myself. Go back through my last 2 weeks of posts and see if I knock the Xbox articles as much as you do PS3.

Most the time you will find me defending PS3 against jerks like you, not knocking my 2nd favourite console, even though I do speak up when I have a problem with it. Those times aren't nearly as frequent as you're making out. And I only talk about legitimate issues I have as an owner. Most the time but, I'd rather talk about PS3, just like you apparently, as well as all your little Xbot mates. Kinda funny really, 1 year head start, more games, allegedly superior online service, and all you guys talk about is PS3.

All you ever ever do is, HA PS3 sux, HA, PS3 game got a low score, HA, I have nothing better to do.

Now if you'll excuse me, I just got Bioshock and aren't about to waste another second on you.

Bathyj3956d ago

Well I never got a reply William because I guess I made to much sense to you. Not only that, but I have a brand new ignore now. Congratulations, you're my 20th. I get a set of free steak knives now.

I hope its you anyway. Now I dont have to have you on my back. The more idiots that dont talk to me the better. Please understand all sensible, civil Xbox owners are more than welcome to converse with me and discuss any of my ideas you agree with or disagree with, I'm happy to hear your imput. Raving, manical fanboy need not bother (now that I think about it, that screaming baby avatar did suit you better).

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toughNAME3957d ago

but Sony fanboys dont believe in facts

Foliage3957d ago

Have you ever thought that maybe everyone disagrees with your "facts" because they are incorrect, and that you yourself don't know much about "facts"?

How dumb can you be to comment on a PS3 topic complaining about PS fanboys?

toughNAME3957d ago

everyone disagrees with my facts?
what are you talking about? where are my facts?
and as of 10:00pm the agree/disagrees are pretty close

i was just highlighting that Sony fanboys to not believe news if it negatively effects the PS3 in any way

brainwashedddd........i tell ya it was funny before...but now its scary
when was the last time people were influenced SO easily?

im not saying there similar..but think about it

EZCheez3957d ago

Is the main topic of this entire argument going completely over your head? Are you telling me and thousands of other beta testers that we were brainwashed into liking the game?

You and WilliamRLBaker are not here to argue anything. You are here to smear the bad rating. Of course, at least you haven't made up our minds for us like WilliamRLBaker and told us that the game sucks.

Imagine this. Halo 3 comes out and gets a 6.5 from OXM. Impossible right? Complete BS because so many people know the multiplayer at least is great because thousands have played it. Can you imagine the backlash that would create? I bet the EIC of OXM would have to go into witness protection for anything like that.

That's how we feel. It's about us, the public, knowing a game is great, and then seeing a magazine that you would almost expect to be biased rip the game to shreds in a bad review. It's just not supposed to happen.

toughNAME3957d ago

brainwashed?commitment to Sony..not specifiycly game

and how can you compare Halo to Lair/Warhawk?
are there prequels to those games that have had extreme success, that i am not aware of?

I am here to argue that it doesnt matter who says what because Sony fan boys already have it drilled into their heads that Lair and Warhawk can compete with the likes of Bioshock and Halo

You have not played Lair or Warhawk...all you have is people giving them average reviews...yet you still think there the greatest games ever

see? brainwashed.

Armyless3957d ago

You have, however, proven that you fear this game. My question is, why do you care? You don't own a PS3.

toughNAME3957d ago

your now ignored for pure stupidity

i answered, and said why i was here

i do not fear this game

and i am talking about 2 games

Armyless3957d ago

You missed your chance to explain why you're on a PS3 news article bashing a game you will NEVER play.

EZCheez3957d ago

"You have not played Lair or Warhawk...all you have is people giving them average reviews...yet you still think there the greatest games ever"

Honestly, why do you think I would argue about something like this so much unless I played it? Of course I played it. You must not have read my comment because that part was in the first paragraph. Not only did I play it, I was addicted to it.

So there goes your brainwashed theory again, unless you're trying to say I brainwashed myself into liking it. You'd be better off just admitting you're wrong than saying that.

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DrPirate3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Doesn't make that Warhawk review any less wrong.

To Rob: If god forbid you actually do come to this site:

You approved an article that will drive people away from a really great game. May a curse befall your household.

To the haters, skeptics, and doubters: I HAVE played the game and would attest to it's multiplayer greatness equivalent to games like Battlefield 2.

bung tickler3957d ago

warhawk is equivalent to a game i played on my 360 near its launch that also had a single player to it? then this score seems about right to me.

larry0073957d ago

your garbage box 360 has CARTOON HALO 3 which should get a 5/10 at best for toony graphics

BOT go back to ur forum

blusoops3957d ago

What game on your 360 is comparable to Warhawk? Just curious?

Nemesis3957d ago

Battlefield 2 is 360's equivalent, and it's great. Battlefield: Bad Company is due Q1 2008 for 360 and PS3.

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XxZxX3957d ago

Just cancel PSM subscription. No point reading this.

CaliGamer3957d ago

Just make your opinion known with your wallet. He is concerned, and now has to clean things up, but if you read Robs response he still has a rude attitude. Its probably just a symptom of him not being called to task in the past and now he ran his mouth once too many times. Hell learn when their subscriber base falls sharply.

Double-Edged3957d ago

I wanna subscribe a game magazine.

ANy good suggestions?

Daxx3957d ago

EGM. It reviews games for all 3 consoles and for both the DS and PSP hand helds.

Armyless3957d ago

-I'm a NextGen refugee (I miss you to pieces NextGen) and GameInformer does a fair job of treating it's readers like gamers and not like horny nerds.

Adamalicious3957d ago

EGM is pretty good. EDGE might be worth a look as well.

I'm not much of a PC Gamer, but my buddy just gave me the latest issue and I was pretty impressed with it - so if that's your scene maybe check that one out.

Steer clear of PSM for sure - it's really gone down hill this year and if you're on n4g most of the news will be no news to you by the time you get your issue. In the last 12 months the only real exclusive I can recall was the Haze one a few months back.

Koneesha3955d ago

yea EGM is great. Sure they gave lair a 5.5 or something but it wasnt the final build, and it was only cuz of the controls.They were on a deadline and if they got to play it more they probbally would have liked it. Now before you go off on me cuz you say i didnt play it. well i did at wizardworld chicago so yea.

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