Hot Shots Golf 5 Eurogamer Review 8/10

"Is it possible to start a review of a golf game without a reference to a good walk spoiled? Apparently not. But golf's real problem isn't that it spoils a good walk. It's that golfers spoil a potentially good game, with their blazers and ties, and their committees, and their archaic attitude to women and all that sort of thing (although don't tell my dad I said that: he's the captain at his local golf club)."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4079d ago

Just had to see how submitting news works.

Naruto4079d ago

FF XIII YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chriswsm4078d ago

I am not really a golf fan but if this is reasonable priced I might be tempted. If they want £45 for a golf game they can p*ss off.

Antan4078d ago

Woohoo! Hot Shots has always been a favourite! PS1, PS2, PSP, and now the PS3! looking forward!!