GameStop: "supply has not caught up" to increased PSP demand

In a recent conference call, GameStop executives commented about the increased demand for PSP since its price drop back in April. Sales of Sony's handheld have increased nearly 50 percent from the same time period last year and according to the retailer, "this has caused such demand for the PSP that supply has not caught up."

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Babylonian3764d ago

Why Sony's consoles always catch up late by the audience? But after they catch up they grow in huge numers though.

AznSniper3764d ago

It's like a trend almost.

Marceles3764d ago

A trend the competition always seems to forget

Naruto3764d ago

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Kyur4ThePain3764d ago

Sony products are almost always much more advanced than their competition. Even to the point of consumers being a little wary of them initially. It takes a few years before people become comfortable with the features and realize their true value.

Demon19803764d ago

Exactly, that's what sort of what happened with the PS2 and what might happen with the PS3.

Demon19803764d ago

And this is why I wonder why some people call the PSP a failure considering it has sold 25+ million.

doublertist3764d ago

cant wait to get my psp slim

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The story is too old to be commented.