GC '07: NBA 2K8 Updated Hands-On

In Gamespot's last look at NBA 2K8, Gamespot primarily focused on the new dunk system, which promises to add an entirely new level of fun and challenge to one of the more stylish aspects of the NBA game. Here at the 2007 Games Conference, 2K Sports was on hand to show off an updated build in the game, one that gets to the heart of what most fans of the series have been clamoring to know more about: five-on-five gameplay. Though Gamespot's time with the game was short, Gamespot has a good idea of where the team at 2K is heading when it comes to the fundamental hoops play in 2K8.

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hOoDnErD4079d ago

I luv NBA2K...Live is such a piece of BOO BOO LOL!!! And its funny cuz i use to luv Live but i guess EA got lazy and just didnt give a rats ass about Hoop anymore. Oh well, 2k came and cleaned that upi real nice...

Oh and 1st comment ;) lol

DG4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Yeah and the new controls & defence are about the only thing I wanted this year asides from better graphics and face capture but you cant have it all.

Oh oh oh I forgot more to do in association mode.

wildcat4079d ago

The best basketball series with the best animations. I hope they don't over-do the hotspot meters and other features.