Nintendo dropping the DS browser?

While this definitely goes down in the unsourced rumor book, word on the street (forums) is that Nintendo may be dropping production of the DS Opera Browser. Considering the lack of buzz or marketing for the DS's internet foray, and the long months of delay that passed before it came to the US, DSFanboy can't say we're surprised, but we're a little sad. We'll just have to look to homebrew solutions to save the day on this one.

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djt233953d ago

damm that sad
anyway use a homebrew one so .......

ItsDubC3953d ago

Browsing on a handheld never appealed to me. Seems like one of those things that's cool to have and show ppl w/out actually being that useful.

bym051d3953d ago

Who cares? The brower cart for the DS was pretty atrocious. I have a DS Lite and love it. I have no desire to own the browser though.


You can sell the DS with a pile of shi.... on it and people will still buy it. Just ask my 10 god kids , Every flippin christmas they want a DS or gameboy.( thats after I have just bought them one the year before) just genius

BIadestarX3953d ago

Sony should drop the PSP browser too. Most websites are not designed to render propertly on PDA or lite browsers.
Did any of you tried viewing this site on a PDA or PSP? I tried using my PSP and my PDA... (MY PDA has a keyboard) wow! how anoying... I was paying $49/month for PDA internet access... I killed it. page are rendered all over the place... too small.. flash, javascript don't work the same as bigger browsers.. not worth the trouble.

djt233953d ago

i know what you are talk about it just horrible
i have a psp too when you go on N4G website psp cannt even load it(rendered) properly. i hate to type in website on the psp.
the only think i like about psp browser that it could veiw forum pretty good.

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