1UP begins 3 weeks of Halo 3 coverage

To go along with the the EGM cover story, 1UP has officially kicked off three weeks of special Halo 3 coverage. Much as they did with their special coverage from last year, 1UP has set up a calendar marking off the days when new content will become available. The first week covers campaign and multiplayer, the second week covers Forge and other special features, and the third week covers the story.

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s8anicslayer4079d ago

talk about being owned by ms

Daxx4079d ago

Stop your bullsh*t before I have to.

toughNAME4078d ago

paranoid sony fan droid

Nemesis4078d ago

No, they are behind GOOD games.

Lakuspakus4079d ago

All major games has had something like this. So nobody is owned by anybody.

Daxx4079d ago

Those new screenshots of Halo 3 are just amazing. It's just so epic looking. :D

ParaDise_LosT4079d ago

Bungie said they still have some secrets...
I'm dying to know what they are.... ^_^

Bnet3434078d ago

Knowing Bungie, they are always full of surprises.

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The story is too old to be commented.