StrengthGamer: Enslaved Dual Review

A dual review of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West by Roger Hansen and Anthony Accinelli of

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AvidGamerrrr2118d ago

8 overall. Nice. I'm bored of this game for sure, but I can see that score.

BlueTroll2118d ago

soooo boring. if i wanted to play a game like this, I would play Uncharted. Sucks.

BannedForNineYears2118d ago

I'm being suckered in by the story.....
Screw gameplay.........Story matters more than anything to me. xD

BooZe2118d ago

I suggest that you go watch a movie then.

Nac2117d ago

and its that type of mindset that is the problem.

WutPleaze2118d ago

these dual reviews rock. nice to have 2 different opinions

poopnscoop2118d ago

....says a writer from Strength Gamer.

C'mon. Strength Gamer writes awful reviews and has been caught red handed multiple times reviewing pirated games. Don't give these guys your hits.

WutPleaze2118d ago

I'm not a write for StrengthGamer. Not even close. Going through your comments looks like you are fairly involved in reading and commenting (negatively) on their articles however.

And multiple times reviewing pirated games? How do you know this? I HATE pirates.

CountDracula2118d ago

I bet this game is actually worth trying out but no ones gonna buy it just you watch.

cayal2118d ago

I'm getting it. I liked the demo.

lastdual2118d ago

My copy is in the mail. At worst, I can always eBay it for $5 less if I don't end up wanting to replay.

I HARLEM I2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )


gillri2117d ago

yeah story is very important in games
so people appreciate it some people dont

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