Why Japan's best should embrace the West

Bobby Kotick. Console wars. Marketing execs chasing profit. DLC on the disc. It doesn't take much to spark the powder-keg fuse of most internet forums these days.

Look past the wonky grammar, multiple exclamation marks and CAPITAL LETTERS and you'll find some very real fury.

Well, here's another one to add to the list - Western developers taking over Japanese games.

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MrMccormo2360d ago

No, not really.

Japan should stay Japan. This obsession with "being like the West" is killing brilliant Japanese game developers and turning Japan's biggest companies into crap, CAPCOM and Square Enix especially.

Gamerbee2360d ago

Fuck the West. Japan made Street Fighter!! Japan doesnt need to adopt anyone elses culture.

ABizzel12360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

I agree somewhat.

From a gameplay perspective yes, Japan can learn from the west.

Western games have been modernized, and many Japanese games are stuck in the PS1 and PS2 era gameplay wise. Game like MGS4 have been modernized for everyone to enjoy, and it became one of the best selling games in the franchise.

I think Japanese developement excels beyond western development in storytelling, artistic design, and creativity. A combination of both western and Japanese development should produce some of the best games this gen. Just have good western developers make the game, but have the development be controlled by Japanese devs.

That way we'll get games like Quantum Theory, but good.

tinybigman2360d ago

been saying they should stay true too themselves, and not trying to cater so much to the west. the open worlds of western games is starting to getting boring to me somewhat so for me that's why i only play the ones that are interesting to me.

Millah2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )


Wow. Japan "modernized" game design more than anybody else. The impact of the PS1/n64 era of game design still apply to "modern" games. The foundations of the PS1/PS2 are practically the modern game industry, in terms of gameplay and game production. The only thing thats changed with this generation in terms of "modernizing," is more hollywood style production values and less emphasis on creative unique game design and more emphasis on straight forward action based gameplay.

I guess your definition of modern gameplay is dual analog controlled first or third person shooters. Because that's about all the West has contributed to "modern" game design. Then again, I guess that is all big modern games are these days.

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ExplosionSauce2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

CVG needs to shut up.

Most people that enjoy Japanese games, do so because they're different than Western games. Westernizing their games only takes away the uniqueness and charm of Japanese games. So then you get games like Lost Planet 2.

Dead Rising 2 is fine, because they kept the same exact formula(which was pretty simple in the first place and wasn't too Japanese per se)

Essel2360d ago

Don't forget Quantum Theory.

TreMillz2360d ago

How about Japan stop thinking 360 is in every household and go back to its roots which made them who they were...that right there would do wonders

Malice-Flare2360d ago

let the big ones risk themselves by trying to emulate the West...

for all their faults, Nintendo so far, has shown they know Japan and cater to it first, the West follows later. Sony should follow this as they have the largest HD audience in Japan...

tacosRcool2360d ago

Everybody should do things their own way and not just do what everybody else is doing

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Emmettcelticfan2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

I think the related video I've attatched says it all.

Da One2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )


and I'm not talking about the user on n4g

gunnerforlife2360d ago

WTFFF nevaaa
there a reason there called japanies cuz they got that japanies feel to it, next thing ull know theyll say how all JRPGs shuld be like massefect :/

j-blaze2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

japanese should just stay japanese ! cuz they are still the masters of the industry !

no need for more westernized generic sh*t...

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