Final Fantasy VII petition almosting reaching 20,000

It was ignored when sent it off to Square after collecting 10,000 signatures. Two days later Square wanted to make it clear that they are not "secretly" developing FFVII for the PS3 and have no plans right now to do so.

Interstingly Kitase said how the team developing FFXIII would love to remake FFVII saying "oh, am an FFVII fan".

Well it wouldnt hurt to try again now would it.

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PS360PCROCKS4128d ago

I hate FF but I signed it just to see if it can maybe work haha

cloud3604128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

My uncle is 25 yaer old. He feels old becuase he can remember the day FF1 was released.

Man he would love this game.

I use to hate ff. When i was 5 i saw my uncle play a game. fu*k i didnt understand how it works (FF). I also saw him play another game simliar battle system. three years ago till that i found out it was FFVII . that day my life was compleley changed. The first FF i played was FFX.

Changed in a good way. wud u believe it now i have a dream. i realised you should enjoy life all the time. wud u rather study all day to get a job.

Tell u a secret if u like FF u can think of excellent ideas.

from what i know ideas=$$$$$$$$$$$$

kurac4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

yuck! ;)

borntodie0074128d ago

i never liked FF till i played FFX which i think is better than ff7 idk y but ffx is jus amazing and the international version would be the best game ever if it was for ps2 in US but its only in uk but still ff7 was very good and i sign it lets hope tht helps.

EZCheez4128d ago

I think this is a pretty cool story as much as the next guy, but can we please edit these things a little better before they make it to the main page? The first paragraph makes absolutely no sense.

I'm not trying to bash, but this was off the pending news page before I could even finish my report. That's what the pending news page is for. To fix insignificant discrepancies like that.

Syko4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Why come, you smart so. Head very large.


Edit - I hate when they edit the story and make my post make no sense. Oh well you guys will have to trust that it was much funnier before they updated the first paragraph.

JasonXE4128d ago

"Final Fantasy VII petition almosting reaching 20,000" Isn't it a post to be almost?

Final Fantasy VII petition almost reaches 20,000

segasage4128d ago

Shiaat one of my fav games all time...

They teases us when they said there was a possibility and that tech demo, then thy killed it.

I would much rather them re-cerate the game and add new sh!t, like the ability to bring Aeris back...

cloud3604128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

u wont believe how i came to play FF

A Square-Enix game has never sold 10 mil. FFVII sold 9.8mil. square break records and remake this game. sell the 10 mil the company never did.

well hardly any third part company except a few have sold over 10 mil

s8anicslayer4128d ago

i wouldn't be surprised if this ended up as a psn game

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The story is too old to be commented.