More reliable Xbox 360s on the way says Takahashi

San Jose Mercury News reports confirmation that cooler-running 65-nanometer Xbox 360 units are coming this fall. The smaller chip is believed to reduced the high number of system failures, likely encouraging prospective 360 owners to wait for newer machines.

"Falcon(the code name for updated 360) is coming this fall," says Dean Takahaski after speaking with unnamed sources. "The first Xbox 360s with it are probably on ships coming from China".

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the greatest4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

and George Bush is the greatest president ever

Mikelarry4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

we want / no we demand them now!!!!!!!

dirtrider4136d ago

ive had a total of 3 360s fail on me the last one i just replaced 2 days ago because the disk drive went out it was less than 2 months old the other 2 have red ringed me. i love the system microsoft but quit being so cheap with the parts inside the 360

LiquifiedArt4136d ago

Too bad the problme is in the Design of the Motherboard and not the Stupid CPU. DUH....

PS360PCROCKS4136d ago

Common sense! Thank you! I don't get Microsoft's thinking at all when developing it! "Ok let's throw a huge water cooled heat sink over the CPU to keep it from overheating. Ok, now with that secure hmm let's throw the GPU here and slap the DVD drive right over the top of it to help hold the hot air over it, not water cool it and not extend the fan cover over it to help the air flow away from the GPU."

Lacarious4136d ago


reliable 360's..... that's funny!

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