Guitar Hero III Demo to Debut on Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

Guitar Hero fanatics prepare to get the first fix of the upcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock video game demo with the launch of Activision, Inc.'s Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, slated to ship to stores on October 9. Players who purchase the Tony Hawk's Proving Ground game for the Xbox 360 will get an exclusive two week head start on experiencing the demo to this year's hottest music based video game before its release on Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

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drunkpandas4132d ago

The demo will be out on the Xbox Live Marketplace 2 weeks later, and no demo is worth $60.

Syko4132d ago

Ya Tony Hawk is crap lately, But Guitar Hero is like crack...Hmmm Might have to rent it from Gamefly for 2 weeks then send that motherF'er back to it's maker when the demo drops on LIVE. Guitar Hero has even turned my wife into a 360 junkie. When it broke this last time she was like whens your Xbox coming back. Before she was happy when it broke, lol