GC: Ninja Theory hoping for Heavenly Sword 2

Development on the beautiful PS3 bruiser Heavenly Sword has finally wrapped up after four long years. It's definitely left developer Ninja Theory in a good mood as well, because they're already thinking up ideas for a sequel - but it looks like the final word is up to Sony.

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PS360PCROCKS3930d ago

Damn, 4 years? That's a very long time that looks to have payed off nicely.

Meus Renaissance3930d ago

The concept of the game was around for 4 years but it didnt start work on the PS3 much later than that. They didn't even have the specifications of the PS3 when they started to develop for it specifically, so if they did a sequel, it would take half that duration.

dangerstepp3930d ago

It took four years to cut out Kratos and copy/paste that ugly chick with the bad hair?

the greatest3930d ago

because part 1 will be a classic

QuackPot3930d ago

Resistance 2 & Motorstorm 2

Naruto3930d ago

yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xaphanze3930d ago

yeah,they could improve few things like:

-60fps 1080p
-much much more gameplay (10 hours at least)
-different looking enemies

kevin11223930d ago

it has been said the gameplay will be around 10-15 hours. I dont know where people are getting this 5 hours from.

BIadestarX3930d ago

This game will sell lots of copies. and It will probably be the best 1st party game on the PS3 until other heavy hitters arrive.
Expect HS2 2 years from now... if not sooner. Companies don't wait.. when there is guaranteed money to be made.

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The story is too old to be commented.