Sessler's Soapbox - Bioshock

Once again, Adam Sessler has given some insight into his thoughts regarding the videogaming industry. Which is a fancy way of saying that Adam talked to TheFeed about Bioshock, and he's pretty excited about it.

Do watch, why don't you?

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Captain Tuttle4135d ago

He takes gaming seriously. That was way too short to go into any kind of depth though.

tplarkin74135d ago

It's always short. I would like to see a full review, too.

Norad64135d ago

I'm still waiting for the X-Play review.

Ignorant Fanboy4135d ago

It is getting perfect 10's from alot of reviewers.

Nothing below a 9.

If you are waiting to hear adams review to decide if you are going to buy it, you are wasting time. Buy it!

djt234135d ago

it going to be 5 of 5 i know it and the world know it

BranWheatKillah4135d ago

There are times where I can really respect Adam Sessler. He definitely cares about gaming and where it is headed, but on occasion he trips himself up a bit and joins the crowd with some very uninformed opinions (PS3).

otherZinc4135d ago

You cant explain how great this game is, Ive been playing for a week and it is fantastic.

RESIDENT EVIL & DOOM fans, this is your greatest game ever!