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Four Reasons Why PC DLC Is Better Than Console DLC (RunDLC)

We have to hand it to PC users. They have it good when it comes to downloadable content. Sure, they miss out on exclusives like Comic Jumper and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, but there are plenty of reasons to choose PC DLC over console DLC. If you primarily get your video game fix from one of those newfangled computers, rest easy that you enjoy the following perks over your console brethren.

John Artest (RunDLC) (And Yet It Moves, Black Mesa, Left 4 Dead 2: The Sacrifice, Machinarium, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

AKissFromDaddy  +   1834d ago
I want a.......
Gaming PC!
Buff1044  +   1834d ago
I've been a Mac user since 2006. No way I would go back and I don't have to, since Steam came to Mac! :)
EvilBlackCat  +   1834d ago
Dee_91  +   1834d ago
i play games on my pc
like sims halo etc. but is it better than consoles ? imo hell no
1. i dont mod
2.yea im pretty sure stealing dlc is better than paying for it so u got 1 here
3.wait ... not having exclusives = good ?
4.yea all the good xbox and ps3 exclusives was on pc first /s

but hey pc are good at lookin at porn and dead people .. so pc >> consoles
Matthew94  +   1834d ago
2.yea im pretty sure stealing dlc is better than paying for it so u got 1 here
3.wait ... not having exclusives = good ?
4.yea all the good xbox and ps3 exclusives was on pc first /s

2. Its not stealing its free, its just sony, nintendo and microsoft need their cut
3. No its that pcs arent divided like consoles.
4. no its just may games are on pcs for ages before they ever hit consoles
e.g Half life 1+2
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Charmers  +   1834d ago
What has "yea I'm pretty sure stealing dlc is better than paying for it so you got one there" have to do with anything ? The news report specifically states that the Left 4 Dead DLC is FREE on the PC. No one is stealing anything, the DLC is released by Valve to the PC community for free.

I have no doubt Valve would be quite happy to release the DLC for free to xbox users as well it's just Microsoft don't want that and so Xbox users will have to pay $7 and PC users will get the DLC for free legitimately.
Scott667  +   1834d ago
I'm not much of a PC Gamer (only have a few games), but I think that you've misunderstood some of the points this article makes.

1-You may not mod, but others do. I know that I could never make a map pack, but I've got an extra 12 hours out of Portal by playing Portal:Pro, Portal:Prelude and Portal: The Flash Edition. Great extra values provided for free, curtery of the fans.
2-You aren't stealing the DLC if you are using a PC. Some devs (eg. Valve) provide the DLC for free on the PC because they believe that it provides a better service (if L4D has an extra 2 maps for free, that's extra incentive for a customer to buy it). Valve charges on the 360 not because they want to, but because they aren't given a choice.
3-Yes, not having exclusives is good. It would ultimatey be better for all of the gaming community to be united under a single platform without needing to pointlessly bicker about whether or not Nathan Drake could beat up Master Cheif. Ultimately though, I don't understand what this has to do with DLC, so I'll give you a point for this one
4-I'll give you this one as well. I don't think that the article made a good point for itself by only listing a few small games (and forgetting Cave Story) and ignoring the larger picture of the gaming spectrum.

In closing, both Console and PC have their own advantages/disadvantages, but so long as we can all agree that PCs are better than consoles because of porn and.... what? what the fruit do dead people have to do with any of this?
STONEY4  +   1834d ago
"1. i dont mod"

Lol? Doesn't matter if you don't make mods, playing them is simply awesome. Fallout 3s graphics looking dated? Install the HD texture and Street Light mods, then watch the game look almost a generation ahead. And Counter-strike (and pretty much every mod-enabled multiplayer game) downloads the server mods and maps for you, so no hassle.

"2.yea im pretty sure stealing dlc is better than paying for it so u got 1 here"

Lol, stealing? The only reason you guys pay for it is because Sony/MS don't like the idea of free DLC, ESPECIALLY Microsoft.

"3.wait ... not having exclusives = good ?"

Starcraft series, Counter-strike, Civilization series, Diablo series, Deus Ex, the core Battlefield series, Garry's Mod (not actually a mod anymore really, more like a make-your-own gametype sandbox with Source Engine), Total War series, a ton more I'm missing.

"4.yea all the good xbox and ps3 exclusives was on pc first /s"

What? Worst use of sarcasm I've seen, since there's no meaning behind it.
Dee_91  +   1833d ago
well u CAN steal dlc on pc i dont have games for pc that require dlc so how should i know ..

i said good exclusives .. not the 4 or 5 that was on pc first ..

but hey ps3 gettin sum free dlc tho right ?

yea i was jus makin convo guys :)
FrankDrebin  +   1834d ago
No. Console gaming DLC is way better. Why you may ask, because on the consoles, there are more games. Not to mention better games.

I have a top of the line PC and I game on it very little. Why? Because gaming on the PC is rubbish! Not to mention, there are few games to actually play.

If you work at Burger King like most of the N4G readers, get a console and don't flush your bucks. Also, don't go to Rent-a-Center and get a PC. They will flip you over and funk ya brains out!
imvix  +   1834d ago
Multiplats are 95% of the game releases and those are superior on PC, so if that is rubbish...

PC has more exclusives then any console.

By getting a console you are flushing your bucks. Console gaming is far more costly then PC due to:

higher price per game (sony and micro need their cut)
Console games die fast due to no mods (less value for money)
Super expensive accessories (look at the xbox)
Charges for online services
No gaurantee of BC on next system

Overall PC gaming is much superior to console gaming and cheaper.
STONEY4  +   1834d ago
"No. Console gaming DLC is way better."

Lol. No, just no. Before the whole console gaming DLC kicked into gear, we had expansion packs on PC. You guys pay $10 - $15 just for a map pack, or a few multiplayer modes.

On PC, we payed $20 for a new 6-10 hour single player experience, with an average about 10 new multiplayer maps, 2-4 new game modes, and a community that would always carry over. And some expansions completely redesigned the game itself, and the community (see Starcraft: Brood War).

And I'm only talking about expansion packs. Most map packs and game modes were included with regular patches, and for free.
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donniebaseball  +   1834d ago
I still prefer my consoles
Buff1044  +   1834d ago
Something about sitting on my couch as opposed to being hunched over a monitor. But I'm sure you can get your PC fix from the couch as well with some effort.
Thecraft1989  +   1834d ago
No effort whats so ever if you got 360 controller or ps3 controller
WLPowell  +   1834d ago
actually the same amount of effort. My friend has a set up where his PC and PS3 is hooked up to the same TV. All he has to do is press the "input" button to switch between the two. he uses his coffee table for mousing (if he needs to) but he has a controller for his PC also.
GodsHand  +   1834d ago
Yeap not much effort at all, just a little money to add ontop of your custome built PC. I have my PC hooked up to my HDTV using DVI, and a digital optical cable going to my surround reciver, and a wireless/bluetooth Keyboard & mouse to go with it. The only thing I have to say I wish there was a on/off switch closer to the couch, so I dont have to get up to turn it on.
jy_mrnd  +   1834d ago
Steam and PC Gaming for me!
plb  +   1834d ago
PC + PS3 is the best combo imo
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superrey19  +   1834d ago
That's exactly what I have. I can play every game on the market except gears 2, halo 3/reach, and a few other less significant games which personally isn't big loss.
Nugundam0079  +   1834d ago
Wii-360-PS3 best combo
Least I know if i buy a game for either of them it will work and not be locked out because of the OS >_> looking at you vista.
plb  +   1834d ago
Upgrade to Windows 7, it's quite nice and a lot faster and more stable than Vista.
antz1104  +   1834d ago
What a load of crap, PC's don't usually get games first anymore. And alot of the free dlc is coming from Valve, the most awesome company on the planet. What about the other companies? They don't call it DLC, they call it expansion pack. Last time I checked they cost $.

And I def prefer playing on my tv while sitting on my couch to hunched over a computer. I could run the wiring, but its not the same.
danmachine  +   1834d ago
best setup
ps3+ gaming pc
xXManiakMikachuXx  +   1834d ago
because its free
Weaksauce1138  +   1834d ago
PC = sloppy seconds. I think their only brag worthy port this year is Mafia II and consoles have enough games to outweigh Starcraft 1.5
DeathMetal  +   1834d ago
every muliplat
is better on Pc LOL, you know resoultions higher than 720 P. enjoy COD black ops in 1000 x 600 what a joke. Every game on Pc and console is waaay better on Pc.
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imvix  +   1834d ago
lol Weaksauces reasoning appears to be weak.

Bottomline PC is the ultimate gaming machine.
Da_Evil_Monkey  +   1834d ago
What a rubbish article
1. Mods, totally agree IMO one of the best thing PC has over console. I was astounded when I started PC gaming and found a wide array of mods that extends games and changes things to the way I want them.

2.Free?, yes some of it is free(love you valve)but there is also paid DLC on PC and the same goes for Console. Naughty dog, Rockstar and Rocksteady(ones i can remember)have all offered free content on console at some point.

3.PS3 is one platform. So is Xbox 360. Regardless of which version you own (slim or fat), PC DLC is not cross-platform at all, the PC is a platform. This is a pointless statement. If the PC is not a single platform then neither is the PS3 due to different SKU's. Although some would argue that steam, etc is a PC 'platform', is the DLC not available on all of these 'platforms'

4.fair enough, but this also applies to console timed/exclusive DLC and games, like the GTA4 DLC that was on XBOX only before PS3 and PC.
MysticStrummer  +   1834d ago
I was once a PC gamer, and will never go back.
evrfighter  +   1834d ago
sounds like you got spanked pretty bad in cs.

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