Stranglehold delayed, thugs thankful

You know, with a badass like inspector Tequila on the case, imagine that the Hon Kong thugs are thanking their lucky stars that Stranglehold has been delayed. Xbox 360 gamers, on the other hand, probably not so pleased. Before you collectively turn your local game shop into a pile of debris that John Woo would be proud of, you should know that the game has only been delayed by just over one week.

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the greatest4051d ago

maybe there putting
hard boiled on hd-dvd
you wish hahahahahaha
ps3 rules

Anything but Cute4051d ago

What about the PS3 version that was already gonne be delayed 2 weeks or so? Is the 360 delay just to reach a simultanous release?

DrPirate4051d ago

Ps3 release is still a week later now as opposed to two weeks.

me_p4051d ago

may be they want not to be ignored while bioshock is hot!!!

s8anicslayer4051d ago

that is most likley the reason

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