Dating Day Announced - DS

Dating Day was announced at Leipzig yesterday for the Nintendo DS and is scheduled for a release datae of Q4 2008. What can you expect from this game? Wooing. Thats right, you "woo" the boy of your dreams, jesus they will make a game out of anything now a days.

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drunkpandas3708d ago

I'm not sure this game will appeal to many pre-teen girls, which is the target market here

taz80803708d ago

Woo woo woo!
It's like a choo choo choose you!

purin3708d ago

whatever you say ralph

MACHone3708d ago

This game would do great in Japan... if it involved tentacles.

djt233708d ago

lol lol hentai nice joke
i now it going to do really good over eur and japan
like Sprung

taz80803708d ago

La Blue Girl the game.... it would fly off the shelves and into peoples pants.