GC: Hands on with anti-grav racer WipEout Pulse

Sony Liverpool has found its formula and it's sticking to it. At least that's the impression PocketGamer got during our most recent hands-on with WipEout Pulse at the Leipzig Games Convention. That's not to say, however, that it's a straightforward rehash of WipEout Pure. Far from it. WipEout Pulse hones and refines what is arguably one of the PSP's most enduring classics.

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Trick Nolte4078d ago

I'm truly addicted to WipEout. I'm looking forward to the new track designs in Pulse. I hope it works well bcuz i never minded the tight corners and hairpins. However, upside-down loop the loops and sweeping turns sounds fun as hell so heres hoping that the saga continues in true WipEout adreneline pumping form :)