Tough Guys Make Adorable Kart Racers (RunDLC)

Let’s face it. At some point, a muscle bound bad ass will eventually become a cute and cuddly avatar in a kart racing video game. The surprise transformation has become common enough that we fully expect to see Gears of War’s Marcus Fenix and Wolfenstein 3-D’s B.J. Blazkowicz zipping around a tropical environment chucking bombs at each other. That said, we proudly present the toughest action stars, villains and monsters that wound up in the cutest racing games.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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donniebaseball2302d ago

They look odd and out of place but I like it

Buff10442302d ago

Yeah they're definitely not bad. I'm all for it.

Buff10442302d ago

Not even sure wha's happening here. But it's weird.

coolboy185322302d ago

Fuck they are pussys!
not badass
harley davidson is bad ass

Buff10442302d ago

Everyone knows that real men drive go-karts. Don't hate!

blackburn52302d ago

Prepare to lose puny mortals. I will have my revenge on the go kart track. So says Kratos!

Buff10442302d ago

Nice...and then he decapitates everyone. :)

Quagmire2301d ago

uhm... why isnt CTR mentioned anywhere? Tiny looked hella outta place lol.

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