Singstar's Got The X-Factor

Are you one of the people looking forward to Singstar? we certainly are, especially with the new You Tube type community that comes with it.

One of the most fun pastimes on a PS3 could soon be sitting with your friends and watching people who think they can sing making a fool of themselves or watching videos of the talented members of the public whilst feeling envious at their singing skills and who knows if your feeling brave enough maybe it will be your videos being viewed the world over.

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Anything but Cute3803d ago

Just like rock band. In no way does singing or pretending to be in a band using plastic instruments have anything in common with my passion for video games.

Darkiewonder3803d ago

It's meant for entertainment and amusement.

XxZxX3803d ago

Sing star is for casual gamers.
for average american, Karaoke looks weird to them. Singstar(PS2) is big on every other corner in the world except US. It tell you something.

MrSwede3803d ago

I think you´re both wrong. Singstar is a system seller at least here in Europe, believe me. And Singstar isn´t only for casual gamers, there are lots of hardcore gamers who actually can sing and even more who believe they can sing. Trust me, Singstar will sell a whole lot of consoles.

Chabbs03803d ago

I'VE GOT THE X- FACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LosT---SouL3803d ago


wtf is x-factor supposed to mean?

(doesnt read full article)