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Silent Hill 8 to be more traditional

Silent Hill 8 will be more in harmony with earlier games in the franchise, a new interview between Zive and Vatra Games boss Matthew Seymour has revealed. Rather than an action-oriented title like Silent Hill: Homecoming, the team is focusing more of a psychological horror title, with their main inspiration being Silent Hill 2. (PS3, Silent Hill: Downpour, Xbox 360)

DORMIN  +   1541d ago
About freaking time horror genre is actually horror. Haven't played a spooky game in years, last one was Siren: Blood Curse

Not some TPS with Zombies on dirtbikes with rocket launchers
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Natsu X FairyTail  +   1541d ago
Dead Space was kinda spooky IMO.
mantisimo  +   1541d ago
Dead space.....
....is a great game and after playing 2 at Eurogamer that looks very very good too.

Back OT this is the best news about the Hill series for a long long time none of the others have been as good as the 1st 3 games in the series, very welcome news indeed.
DigitalAnalog  +   1541d ago
Then you better f*cking remove that Silent Hill "Peeling-into-otherworld& amp; quot; effect used at the movie (or SH: Homecoming). It was tasteless, and it doesn't feel like a proper transition utilized in Silent Hill.

-End statement
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GLoRyKnoT  +   1541d ago
Silent Hill :) Bring it on!!
Solid_Snakeps3  +   1541d ago
oh shiiit... Silent Hill in full HD, on my big telly at night... too much...
ThanatosDMC  +   1541d ago
The last Silent Hill was retarded... you could actually look for monsters to kill with a knife and kill them all without taking damage because of the ducking and dodge roll ability.

Only time i had to use a gun or rifle was the boss fights especially the last boss. Silent Hill became pretty lame IMO.
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1541d ago
I wish there would be a Kojima-directed SIlent Hill in the future.....
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DoctorXpro  +   1541d ago
Me 2
Kojima FTW
Quagmire  +   1541d ago
Im still waiting for a Dino Crisis game. The first one scared the bejesus outta me, an I played it last year!
DarkRayneRules  +   1541d ago
Yeah I could got for another Dino Crisis game. A good survival horror sequel to 2 could be great. :D One can dream.
VsAssassin  +   1541d ago
If this SH8 game...
turns out to be what Alan Wake should've been, that means, if this game will allow you to roam the town pretty much how SH1 and SH2 allowed you to, then this is a looker. Anyway, I'm a fan, so no matter what this will be a day one buy for me.

I just want to be scared again; is that too much to ask?
galgor  +   1541d ago
Haven't bothered with the silent hill series in years, but this ones looking rather good. Let's just hope they don't **** it up!
floetry101  +   1541d ago
At the very least they aren't going to draw inspiration from that garbage film adaptation.

I must admit I didn't mind Homecoming too much, but no one will be able to bring back the layered genius that existed in 1,2 and 3.
VsAssassin  +   1541d ago
That's true^
3 was a visual masterpiece. 1 was a classic and 2, too. Sigh... 8 make me a believer! I wanna be your zealot again!!!
rekof  +   1541d ago
Well 2 and 3 look really great still,.. there is something they did with filters,.. damn those games still look incredible,..

lol love Silent Hill,.. even movie did not totally suck ,..
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thedisagreefairy  +   1541d ago
the movie
was a good film. very creepy atmosphere. it was not perfect, but it sure as hell wasnt a bad film whatsoever.
DarkRayneRules  +   1541d ago
I enjoyed the film. They really captured the opening of Silent Hill 1 well with the camera angles and everything. I hope they get to making that sequel. It'd be interesting to see how they handle it. They might have to change directors though, because the dude got arrested for something.
VsAssassin  +   1540d ago
Me too!
I'm an SH fan and I really liked the movie. Is there an HD Blu-ray version already out?
THC PRITCHARD  +   1541d ago
Dead space is not as scary as silent hill 2,Not a chance.
tacosRcool  +   1541d ago
Hopefully this game will have some decent scares
TheCryptKeeper  +   1541d ago
i think a lot of people are gonna be surprised.
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NarooN  +   1540d ago
Nice. Got tired of all the Team Silent fanboys/girls. What they fail to understand is that "Team Silent" wasn't even an actual team. The guy behind Silent Hill left after the first game and actually recently retired from the whole industry altogether a few years ago. The "team" was small to begin with but various people left with each game in the series. Only a handful of key members actually remained together for SH1-3 while with 4, hardly any of them were even still with Team Silent or went to some other branch of Konami.

SH2 is regarded as the best in the series for a reason. It wasn't really the scariest, but it had the best horror (imo obviously). Psychological horror is just way more fun and entertaining than "ZOMG IM A BIG MONSTER BE AFRAID" horror. Many fans ride SH2's ballsack but I'm just glad they're doing what's best rather than trying something radically new every time.

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