PS3 Wins Award For High Definition Design Flair

Sony HD technological innovation has been recognised by the European Imaging and Sound
Association (EISA) with the PS3 winning the European Media Centre category.

"Sony's PS3 is a wonderful example of a powerful media centre, thanks to its inclusion of an audio-video-photo player as well as a web browser to navigate, download, play and chat on the Internet," the judging panel said. "In addition there's a 60GB hard disk for content storage, plus Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and four USB interfaces allowing connection of external hard-disk storage and USB accessories such as keyboards.

"However, the most important function of the PS3 is the built-in Blu-ray disc player, which also reads DVD, CD and Super Audio CD, as well as embracing the new surround sound formats. Top-notch 1080/24p resolution is available from Bluray Discs via a HDMI Ver.1.3 interface with x.v.Color; better still, the PS3 up-converts any DVD movie to 1080p resolution and it accommodates users who prefer to use a traditional remote control - one's available as an option. Last but not least, PS3 is of course a very advanced game console and a worthy heir to the grand PlayStation heritage."

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cloud3604108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

Blu-ray-----The award



BLu-RaY--------the reason they got the award



BLURAY -------------The only reason they got the award

damnwrx4108d ago

Aight! Ya'll heard it.... Read it and weep him

mighty_douche4108d ago

nice bit of good press there for sony! must say tho dont think ive evr heard of the European Imaging and Sound Association, but still... oh and i like the bit at the end regarding the price!

the_round_peg4108d ago

you know, which is more important than all the gadgetry awards.

Xbox 360 Will4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

can only win the Hottest Gadget Award in the Microwave Oven category.

risk4108d ago

lol bubble for that.

Figboy4108d ago

egging on the trolls, but that was pretty damn funny, X Box 360 Will.

borntodie0074108d ago

lol nice said... a bubble for u =P

synetic4108d ago

Xbox 360 Will nice one to bad i cant give you bubble because i already gave you one some time ago

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Syko4108d ago

Ok, Seriously that is one bad ass movie player. Imagine if this would have just been a BD Player and had nothing to do with the PS brand. This would be a sick Blu-Ray player on it's own. Now I just gotta convince the wife to let me get the Aquos $2500 TV. Then I can get one of these sweeties.

EZCheez4108d ago

I have the 46' Sharp Aquos and it is absolutely gorgeous! I spent well over $2,000 but I have yet to question my investment. My livingroom almost looks like some sort of shrine now with my beautiful Aquos in the center. That's how livingrooms are supposed to be right?

Syko4108d ago

Dude seriously I saw the 62" 1080p Aquos at Costco playing clips in 1080p from Blu-Ray movies. Let's just say I am glad I didn't have my credit card on me, because that beautiful bastard had me in some kind of Sharp brand fanboy hypnosis. I just wanna go back and watch it. I would get a PS3 to watch Blu Ray if I had a TV that nice.

My 30" 1080i CRT HDTV, Just doesn't justify a HD player yet my upconverting player looks good enough not to start my collection over yet. But that Sharp Aquos is something special.

EZCheez4108d ago

Holy sh!t. I think I would just faint right in front of it.

My wife makes fun of me for they way I religously clean my TV and PS3. I can't help it. They just look so damn good!

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