No PGR4 demo before release Confirmed

Bizarre Creations spokesperson has told that there won't be a PGR4 demo released ahead of the game's launch, but that one may appear afterwards.

Bizarre has also confirmed that the game will be launching on 12 October, which might not be as cool as we'd hoped before but nevertheless, for £44.99 should be a steal.

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toughNAME3984d ago

Bioshock developers also 'confirmed' there would be no demo for Bioshock

PS360PCROCKS3984d ago

really? I didn't know that, well than it's clearly because Microsoft paid them to or coaxed them into it. Look what the demo did, it peaked interest to an all time high. But this is no biggie I know I'm buying PGR, it's just one of those franchises like COD you just know it's going to be good.

Ignorant Fanboy3983d ago

They probably did some market research and found that it would be beneficial to the company to put out a demo.

To build up more hype. Although sometimes it can hurt sales.

I guess its a gamble.

razer3984d ago

No buy for me on this game.. Not when there is GT5 coming.

BIadestarX3984d ago

I didn't know GT5 was coming to the Xbox 360. That's great news.
I guess you comments only apply to those that have both consoles.
Anyways I am sure there will be a demo... just not before launch. by then you will know best on reviews (heck even before that) if this game is worth... though I am sure this game have its fanbase.. and people that played the PGR3 which do not need a demo to buy this game.
Racing games... not my cup of tea... I do have to buy this game, racing wheel and Ace Combat for a friend of mine who's anniversary is comming up in october. Only reason why I am interested on the reviews for this game.

Pathetic N4G Website3984d ago

Anyone that pays more than £38/£40 for a game these days is being robbed. Just got Bioshock from Virgin Megastores online for £30.60 delivered !

PGR4 is going to be what PGR3 should've been - with added weather. Can't wait :)