Devil May Cry 4 Hands-on

The new combo system in DMC 4 applies letter grades as you rank up points. Each letter stands for something violent, such as D for Deadly, C for Carnage or B for Brutal.

Antone who has played Devil May Cry before knows will fell right at home with the latest iteration, even though Dante isn't the main character. There are still door barriers that are broken once you've defeated nearby enemies, psychotic marionettes are everywhere, and bosses still make grand entrances. There are plenty of new additions being added as well.

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Why_So_Serious4079d ago

but what's the point of bringing a new character if he looks exactly like the old one

s8anicslayer4079d ago

wish i knew, but i hope they can bring back the luster from old!

PS360PCROCKS4079d ago

Just keep it fun and the combos satisfying!