Wii, Xbox 360 sales up, PS3 stable on Ebay

Sales for Nintendo Co.'s Wii and Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 increased, while Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 were stable in the latest sales data from Ebay.

Wii experienced an increase of 12 percent in sales volume for the past two weeks, up from a 19 percent decline the week prior.

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Dlacy13g3957d ago

more useless sales % stats...that mean pretty much nothing to us with out knowing number of units, etc.

Just fuel for more fanboy wars.

jay33957d ago

Fanboys will be all over this like flies on sh!t.

DrRage773957d ago

i say this every single time someone posts ebay "sales" numbers...they are absolutely USELESS...ebay is NOT a retailer, and a majority of the consoles sold on ebay are USED, and the ones that are new are being sold by individuals who bought them at a store with a coupon or something, adn are turnign around to sell them again, which means that there is almost ZERO change in the actual user base numbers for the consoles....ebay sales numbers are USELESS.

ktchong3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

just after the PS3 price cut.

Now that PS3 is no longer #1, those same people are whining about other people are posting eBay sales. Oh, that's fair.

Rooftrellen3957d ago

More than anything, I want to know what these numbers actually mean.

All I can really tell by this is that the Wii would still sell well at $100 more than the 360 premium, and the PS3 really needs another price drop.

Outside of that, I haven't seen one piece of information on what sales going up or down on a console means. Is it good because more people want it, or is it bad because more people want to get rid of it?

PS3n3603957d ago

if ebay sales up it means a) people really want the console so are buying it or b) noone wants the console so everyone is selling it. Looks like we all agree that these ebay statistics are useless.