GC: Unreal Tournament 3: Pro-G Hands-on

With all the fuss and furore that surrounds the launch of any Halo game, it is easy to forget that there is another vastly popular first-person-shooter due for a welcome return, in the form of Unreal Tournament 3.

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khellendros13957d ago

If I get any FPS it will be UT3. I've always been a fan of the series. And the fact that you can plug in a keyboard and mouse to the PS3 I know I'll be getting it for taht system.

s8anicslayer3957d ago

get the splitfish fragfx that thing is sweet,perfect fit for ut3

QuackPot3957d ago

Without a doubt.

But I'm a fanboy so I'll stick with Halo 3 as my favourite.

borntodie0073957d ago

i Think this game will be the best game of the year and it has to be. im looking forward to halo 3 jus because of the system link feature. but UT3 can have halo mods like UT2004 had halo mods and bungie gave then permission to so les hope they give permission to UT3 too =D

Bubble for u all =D