IGN: GC 2007: Halo 3 - The Forge - Halo 3 just got a whole lot cooler

This might be the coolest addition to Halo 3. IGN has seen the map editor, and it was great. Four player co-operative play online is a big plus. But the Forge has picturing a Halo 3 with limitless possibilities. At the Leipzig Games Convention, Bungie's Brian Jarrard showed IGN this Forge, Halo 3's tricked out map editor. He also showed a few other things IGN hadn't seen yet and talked more about the campaign scoring system.

The Forge isn't a map editor like you've seen in other games before. This editing tool doesn't allow you to warp the terrain or move major objects, those will stay just where Bungie put them. Rather, the Forge allows you to drop in any of the weapons, objects, vehicles, spawn points, or tools present in the Halo 3 world. If you think a map needs a flamethrower in a specific place and it's not there yet, the Forge will grant you your wish. If you want all of the spawn points for one team to be located within a small building, the Forge can make that happen. To keep things from overtaxing the memory, each map has a maximum amount of dollars that can be spent on it. Likewise, each object you can drop has a cost associated with it. A gun might cost $2 while a large vehicle up to $40.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

I love the effects of the snow when somthing moving at a high velocity hits it, like bullets, explosives or Spartans.

Can't wait to build my own gametypes and maps, they could package just those to things in a game and I would buy it, hell it's a game realy to build all that stuff look at Sim City and Age of Empires games.

scarlett_rg4135d ago

That's a pretty sweet addition all right.

Kinda reminds me of things you can do in Little Big Planet to a lesser degree.

Either way, that is going to make for some whack multiplayer action!

emogen4135d ago

They said that you can't alter the environment. You can decide to move spawn points, weapon and vehicle placement and it depends on a budget.

fjtorres4135d ago

I want to drop an anvil on the other team.
Preferably one labelled: ACME.

Mr Murda4135d ago

Seriously, there is no comparison with any other game with the level of interaction that's going to take place via XBOX Live. I can't wait for this, but the question is..."What do I do first once I get the game?". All I know is that it's going to feel like the longest drive ever from the game store back to my home once I pick up my copy.

Damn, this month better fly by!

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The story is too old to be commented.