GoW: Chains of Olympus pushed to early 2008

A sad day for mobile gamers and fans of the hit God of War franchise, as circulating rumors over the past few weeks have finally materialized in the form of an official press release today.

During the Leipzig Games Convention, Sony announced that God of War on PSP, originally expected for Christmas, will now be pushed into 2008. With this news coming from abroad, we hoped it might just be a European delay, but a quick check of online retailers proved otherwise. Unfortunately we could be looking at anywhere from January to end of April.

PSU on the other hand likes to play devil's advocate and think delaying a game isn't the most detrimental news. With rumors of Oblivion being scrapped and other much longer delays, maybe this is a blessing in disguise. We will venture to suppose that gamers would much rather see a perfectly polished game and wait a month, then rushing this powerhouse before the holidays.

Stay tuned to PSU for more information on GoW.

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Fighter3951d ago

Add another good game on the delayed list for this year. 2007 is starting to suck.

Azures3951d ago

Delayed or not, the PSP is becoming a beast. New design (w/ 13 hour battery life if you add 2800mAh battery), great games, gps, streaming content for ps3...

DS has competition.

s8anicslayer3951d ago

well maybe soon the ds will feel the heat, but the question would be if sony can dethrone them in japan

Azures3951d ago

probably not, but then again nintendo has won the hand held war for over 10 years now. granted it was against little to no competition.

Marceles3951d ago

dammit, even the good psp games are getting delayed. i hope ff7 crisis core stays on track.

Azures3951d ago

blasphemy! FF Tactics: War of the Lions, SW Battlefront: Renegade Squadron, and Portable Ops+ are still on track

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