Heavenly Sword IGN UK Review

IGN UK somehow gives Heavenly Sword a 7/10. Is this IGN's next God Hand disaster?

"So, all that in mind, is Heavenly Sword a bad game? No, it's not – although it certainly seems that someone, somewhere, forgot to ensure they were piling those glorious peripheral trimmings on a game worthy of all that Sony gold. Combat is undoubtedly the title's strength and offers some immensely satisfying thrills when you actually get your hands on your sword. Projectile combat, too, is entertaining in its own right – although nowhere near enough to carry such lengthy sequences as is demanded here. What you're paying for then with Heavenly Sword is the grandiose spectacle, the overblown production values and the chance to show just what your PS3's capable of when given the chance. It's a benchmark in presentation for console gaming and the lavishness of the show might well be enough for you to overcome the game's significant failings. There's definitely some kind of fun to be had here – albeit of the one-engaged brain cell variety – but make no mistake: Heavenly Sword takes the age-old mantra of style over substance and drags it kicking and screaming into the next generation."

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Antan3924d ago

One below my target score. Ever so slightly disappointing.

ALI-G3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

but yasterday it been confirmed it will be 50 in addition to 16 online player and 5 tracks should keep ps3 owner occupied till LBP,HAZE,UT3,UNCHARTED,HOME,R+ C comes out

HS:i had high expectation for this game till i knew that it was already in devlopment for 2 years in xbox befor it comes to ps3, then i relaized the game not build from the ground to take the potintial of next-gen platform but in the end of the day THERE IS A DEMO IN PSN FOR ONE REASON : SO YOU CAN DECIDE FOR UR SELF if u like it go for it

FreeMonk3924d ago

this was one of the games that I was going to go out and buy a PS3 for, but from reading some of the reviews (IGN = 7.0 FHM = 3/5) with all the same sort of comments, I might have to yet again wait until something arrives on the PS3 that is a must have title (MGS4 is looking like it will be that title)

ALI-G - You need to chill out mate. I like the fact that you have span the story around about the reason why HS is bad because it was originally on the Xbox. They started this game from scratch as soon as it hit the PS3 platform, nothing to do with Xbox.

It's just looks like a poor title just like Lair, and it seems that all the Must Have titles that Sony were plugging at E3, and doing a fine job, are falling at the first hurdle!

It's just a shame for Sony, especially when Bioshock and Halo 3 are arriving on the rival platform and are A-Class titles. Yeah, yeah Halo 3 graphics are not going to blow anyone away, but it's going to play like a dream, something that Lair and HS are obviously missing!!

Lightning Mr Bubbles3924d ago

If that's as low as it goes. It's gotten a 10 also.

ktchong3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Have you even looked at that website?

I actually went over to "Next Gen Ireland" and checked out the entire website... because I've never heard of them before. It's actually quite, um, unprofessional. It's like an amateur website.

And every single news -- and I'm serious here -- is a positive news for Sony and PS3. Next Gen Ireland seems like a Sony mouthpiece. Here, see for yourself:

Home page: http://www.nextgenireland.c...

News page: http://www.nextgenireland.c...

Lightning Mr Bubbles3924d ago

It doesn't matter from where. It's an opinion.

hazeblaze3924d ago

Next Gen Ireland doesn't give away positive news & reviews for PS products. If you look through their reviews and news... you'll also see quite a bit of critisism and low scores for some PS/PSP games.

ktchong3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Have you ever heard of "David Manning"?


NextGenIreland and ThreeSpeech are Sony's "David Manning" for the video games.

It does matters... because legally, they are FRAUDS. They are called HOAXES.

Nevertheless, NextGenIreland is a highly dubious and questionable website. I have never even heard of them before. I have more faith in reputable, trusted sources like Computer Gaming World, CVG, Game Informer, GameSpot, GameSpy, EGM, IGN, PC Gamer, etc., all which have been around for a long, long time -- before there was even a Playstation.

BenzMoney3924d ago

Yeah, a review is just an opinion - but to say that "a review is a review" no matter where it comes from is a little bit short-sighted, don't you think?

People's opinions (via their reviews) gain credibility over time. Some shmuck off the street can't be expected to deliver as TRUSTED a review as someone who has been in the industry, taken his lumps, increased his readership and worked to improve his credibility over time by delivering accurate critiques.

How do you think critics get famous? Because people value their opinions - they trust them. This is why some reviews hold more weight than others - at least in my eyes, and I'd venture to say that the same holds true for most people.

hazeblaze3924d ago

The point that you're missing is that it IS just an opinion. If you look thoroughly through Next Gen Ireland's site... then you'll see that they are not in the habit of simply giving away good reviews to playstation products. They do have quite a few bad/average reviews for quite a few games. Heavenly Sword simply is not one of them. And their site has not been the only one to praise HS either... so the opinion they share is a popular one.

I think IGN UK's review is fair... b/c it is their opinion. As with most games, I have my doubts on the lasting appeal of the title... so I agree with that portion. But the cutscenes and gameplay are hardly issues from what I've seen & played so far. The truth is that IGN UK is usually harsher on review scores than other sites... but even still, NO review is equal to playing the game for yourself.

And the bottom line, even from this review, is that Heavenly Sword is a game that you will enjoy!

kurac3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

You have the demo, rent the game, see for yourself.

Darth Gamer3924d ago

From Play Magazine! Dave Halverson gave it a glowing review.

InMyOpinion3924d ago

I'm staying away from Bioshock after reading Sony Defense Force's review of it. 5/10, it's not even a rental...

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jodonn083924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

what was the god hand disaster

ngg123453924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

When it had a 75.2 average, making it 45% off
Anyways, it is ign uk, who gave alot of bad reviews, gave lost planet a 7.1/10, rfom a 8/10, and many other bad reviews.

jodonn083924d ago

the ign playstation team are harsh reviewers

UJUSTLOSTONE3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

When that game first released, I wanted it so bad, and didn't get, based on that IGN review. I mean I know now that it's dumb to base what your purchase is off of a review. But... I was already skeptical, and No demo plus bad review from IGN, and I was like Later for this. It would have been different if they gave them like a five or something. but a 3 !

That was a wrap for me

Now I might have to check it out, and see if I like it (God hand)

ngg123453924d ago

The regular ign is very lenient on reviews, while ign uk usually hands out very low scores (similar to eurogamer, and edge magazine). It is funny that UK has higher standards then americans.

ShiftyLookingCow3924d ago

I dont really have any comment on this review, but lets not forget IGN UK gave Motorstorm a 9 which it deserved.

DgDX3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

The important thing of a review is what it says not the score, you read whats good and bad and you decided, and if you take the fanboy part of your soul(I have to do it when I read it)and read this review carefully, is easy to understand that the game did no deliverer, for me after this review this game leave my must-have list

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Syko3924d ago

Far from the 10's of early reports.

3924d ago
MACHone3924d ago

One: you apparently don't even know what this game is titled.

Two: re-posting the exact same post over again is spam.

BenzMoney3924d ago

The line, "IGN UK somehow gives Heavenly Sword a 7/10. Is this IGN's next God Hand disaster?" should not appear on the story's description.

That space is supposed to be used for a description of the story, not a personal commentary of it.