Ken Levine, Creative Director of Bioshock talks about inspirations for the game

Ken Levine, the creative director of 2K Boston (formerly Irrational Games), shared with Gametap what movies, music, architecture, and books (yes, those things that have pages) you should be checking out to fully appreciate the amount of work that went into constructing the amazing undersea world of Rapture.

"For a first-person shooter that's being noted for its visuals, I like to think that BioShock has got some brains to go with its looks," Levine told Gametap. "Here's some of the great stuff that kept us excited and inspired when we were making the game." Levine said.

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Cat4129d ago

the game's roots are pretty obvious, it's best when environements are inspired. however, i object to anyone referring to ayn rand's work as the "brains" of anything. ;)

Syko4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

I posted this because my older sister who is like a mini Einstein has been watching me play Bioshock and has pretty much quoted things from each book up there. I told her I haven't seen any references to Rand's work on the internet yet, and I told her the target demographic for games isn't a bunch of bookworms so things like this pass as new. But she was right on about all of these books listed.

See kids this is why reading is bad, It will ruin the plot of your videogames. =P

Cat4129d ago

it's good for people to know the roots, it's an interesting read. a friend has been practically shouting all the ayn rand based stuff at the screen through the whole game, so it's in there. i just can't stand ayn rand.

Syko4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

I don't have first hand knowledge of Rand, But from what my sister says some worship and praise her work, most just think she's a nutjob. I see you fall in the latter. lol

Will probably check out her work now just to see for myself and maybe a few other books on the list too. As it is definitely interesting subject matter.