GameSpot: GC '07: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Hands-On

While last year's Pro Evolution Soccer was as playable as ever, there was a noticeable uprising among fans who felt the series wasn't progressing enough. Problems such as the poor commentary, lack of official licences and generally poor presentation are becoming increasingly unacceptable, particularly on the next-gen consoles such as the Xbox 360. So there's a reasonable amount of pressure on Konami this year to reaffirm Pro Evolution Soccer as the premier football series on the market. While the game convention demo sadly didn't offer any insight into the commentary or domestic leagues, it was encouraging to see how much better presented the game was on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 than previous iterations have been.

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sonarus3803d ago

An important note is gamespot says the ps3 version looks better than the 360 version which is expected since the ps3 is the lead platform. So like i said yesterday the guy that said 360 version looks better simply aint credible

GS: Jumping at the chance to play the first version of Pro Evolution Soccer for the PlayStation 3, we were pleased to see how good the game looked. Now 75% through development, the game looks noticeably sharper on the PS3 at this point than on the Xbox 360.

boi3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

well for whatever reason i do love the PRO EVO games so i will be getting this...been waiting for so long

rushbd3803d ago

Well gamespot suggests so. This is so weird coming from them. also they suggest it controls better in PS3/PS2 version. That's worrying for 360 owners. It seemed that football was only on 360 . but now PES08 and FIFA 08 both looks great on PS3. Also that FIFA interective wordcup will be ps3 exclusive.

replikka3803d ago

Ever since pro evo 4, i have been a fan. everytime i see a new fifa i can identify the faults in it. EA should just give up and copy po evo cuz they dont know anything about football (american soccer)

kingboy3803d ago

i'll still be getting the ps2 version though which happens to play better coupled with the fact that most of my friends aren't equipped with a ps3 yet for online match's

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