PSU Exclusive: Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

All new details on the multiplayer beta.

- Weapons list
- Perks list
- Score menus
- Multiplayer modes (including leaked Sabotage)
- and much more

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Zhuk3953d ago

surprising the fandroids at PSU would give impressions about a 360 beta

s8anicslayer3953d ago

i'm determined to be in this beta, monday is d-day

MasterChief28293953d ago

The beta is only on the 360, why is it being reviewed by PSU? >_>

QUNE3953d ago

Probably because the 360 peeps are too busy either playing the beta or too busy complaining about not getting in the first wave. has become a big whine fest the past 2 days lol

RAM MAGNUMS3953d ago

we pay to be number 1 and you get sloppy seconds