GC: Spellbound making Gothic 4

Eurogamer report that JoWooD has named Spellbound Entertainment as the new developer for Gothic 4, following its spat with original creator Piranha Bytes. This next role-playing instalment will be heading to console for the first time in the series, alongside PC, and with a date expected soon.

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MK_Red3712d ago

Hope they remove the bugs and get a good framerate and fighting engine. Aside from those flaws Gothic 3 was a good game.

SuperSaiyan43712d ago

Like the hot chick in the image, its of course computer animated hope thats ingame quality lol.

Zhuk3712d ago

Gothic has amazing potential, if they just release a game without so many damn bugs

Chriswsm3712d ago

I love Goth Chicks. Fingers crossed for a bug free Goth game.