RPGamer: Final Fantasy VII Retroview

RPGamer writes: "Final Fantasy VII is a decent game, but more importantly it has been a very influential RPG. By the time I first played Final Fantasy VII, I had been playing RPGs for years, but that was not the case for many RPGamers. For legions, this was the RPG that started it all, and for that the game should be commended. I can even remember picking this up at launch, taking it home and playing until the next morning. However, upon removing my rose-tinted glasses, I can easily see all the flaws that were so hidden to me those many years ago. It's no wonder that fans are screaming for a remake; this one could be great with a little polish."

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SiteNblog Defender2788d ago

I agree with this review. FFVII is overrated but decent.

Gue12788d ago

you're just hating cus the game's popular and you have never played it.

SiteNblog Defender2787d ago

I played the game. It's the one with the spiky-haired emo protagonist with amnesia, walking stereotype, talking wolf, dumb robotic cat on a moggle, and the annoying ninja girl, isn't it?

The battle system is average, and you can give everyone the same abilities with the materia system. Therefore, there's basically nothing that sets characters apart in terms of battle.

Kain812788d ago

---The good old Squaresoft days---
i disagree with the review