MGS4: The Beauty and the beast onstage featurette

Gametrailes goes V.I.P as you take a look at the models behind some of the bosses you'll be facing in the MGS4.

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HeartlesskizZ3835d ago

this is not a game anymore just take it to hollywood. im so happy to be ur fan hideo.

MK_Red3835d ago

That Kojima is one great game designer and a true genius. He also has a rather good taste. Great video.

UJUSTLOSTONE3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Man, for him to get all that Mo-Cap stuff on them, their original faces and bodies have to make it into the game somehow.

When you defeat them, I know they will go back to normal, tell you their lifestory, how their village was overun, or the military father was killed. And then Die.


Just like old times

*good times, good times*

HeartlesskizZ3835d ago

I will love to see kojima it self in the game hahaha running behind snake trying to catch up and film at the same time, funny to imagine.