Raving Rabbids will be made into an animated TV show

It seems like a perfect fit. Ubisoft's cute but crazy Raving Rabbids will be made into an animated TV show. Ubisoft and Aardman announced so much when they issues a statement of "a partnership to create together a pilot and several shorts based on Ubisoft’s popular video game characters".

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Rrobba2627d ago

Great! I love these little guys, they're hilarious!

RonyDean2627d ago

I don't think I would be able to watch this show, the Rabbids would just be screaming the whole time. Headache waiting to happen.

Pikajew2627d ago

it will be the best show, and the movie will be better then inception

Acquiescence2627d ago

It's been blindingly obvious to everyone seen the Rabbids conception that they're perfect for Saturday morning TV.

DNAbro2627d ago

never really thought of this could work i guess