Video of FIFA 08 Wii Controls, Graphics Looking Better Than Expected

A new video from the Games Convention in Leipzig has revealed just how smooth FIFA 08 on Wii is, plus highlights some of the controls in the game.

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ALI-G4135d ago

did u see the screen shot ? unless they were expecting mobile phone like graphic

castdreams4135d ago

They must not have been expecting very much...

BrotherNick4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

I think the actual screen shots show some justice, I wonder how intuitive the controls looks better than many of the wii ports, so it's not bad. The game is not my cup of tea though. EA has been doing a rather shoddy effort with their wii games anyways, maybe they're making up for it because of the install base is as large as the 360, maybe larger, I don't know yet.