"Oh no, what's Bobby said now?"

Eurogamer writes: "The headline, I'm told, became an all-too-regular mantra for Activision's beleaguered communications team long ago.

Surely, you might wonder, the people charged with maintaining the public image of a giant global business would have tried one way or another to get him to put a sock in it before more feet found their way into the big mouth of Bobby Kotick."

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I think people should stop buying his games till he shuts the f++k up.

dangert122606d ago

stoped before i knew who he was activisions games took a dip in qualty a long time ago i do think mw the orginal was overated aswell as the rest

DelbertGrady2606d ago

I wonder if he will be featured somehow in Black Ops? Would be funny.

Ares84PS32606d ago

We will have Kotick zombies. Extra points for shooting them in the face.

Also there will be Bobby Kotick targed practice. Where you will have a Bobby Kotick picture instead of a bullseye. Make him look like the devil on said picture and you unlock the platinum trophy automatically and get to be a lvl 14 veteran online with all guns unlocked. It will be called "Reveal the truth"

MGRogue20172606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Nooooo!! Not him again!! :(

*runs & hides*

LeonSKennedy4Life2606d ago

I am entirely serious when I say that we need to NOT buy Activision games.

Let's make a big deal out of this.

How can we do this without getting Activision publicity though?

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The story is too old to be commented.