GC: Sony reveals 275 games by Christmas

David Reeves, president of SCEE, has announced that 275 new titles across all of Sony's platforms are in the pipeline for launch by this Christmas.

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iceice1234079d ago

None worth playing, how sad.

cloud3604079d ago

and that has to suggest there will be a 275% chance of a price drop by christmas.


U know i dont udeestrand why sony dont take out their blu ray player linke xbox has no hd dvd. i mean it will prove if 100x more people would buy it if it were the same as xbox

The Swordsman4079d ago

You can't speak. The only quality exclusives the Xbox 360 has that will make console sales are Bioshock, Mass Effect and Halo 3, and that said, Bioshock is also on Windows and rumours(only rumours, but still, from a fairly reliable gamesite) suggest that it will be released on the PS3 eventually as well.

VirusE4079d ago


doshey4079d ago

why not there are psn games, ps3 games, ps2 game, and psp games coming out, and if u think that he just meant ps3 no he meant all sony system games

VirusE4079d ago

doshey obviously you are a young and naive lad who is new to the gaming industry. Ms, nintendo and sony have all done this for years and it never happens. Its a fluff number to make fanboys giddy just like how ms says the xbox360 has hundreds and hundreds of games, yet when you go to the store you are lucky to find 50 different games. More than half of what is announced will never come out and of what is left 75% will be crap.

Dave is the president of scee and like most presidents of major companies nothing he says can be taken seriously.

TheMART4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

Dave also announced that of those, only about 56 would be for PS3, where it had something like 38 now. Before PS3 fans think they get hundreds of games again

Who's here to disagree? I've been watching the whole Sony press conference yesterday from the Sony couches, drinking free Sony sponsored drinks and playing that stupid duck game because the show was a bit underwhelming. Proof: picture...

Keyser4079d ago

I'm not buying 56 or 38 games by Christmas so it is of no consequence. Not a big let down.

HarryEtTubMan4078d ago

You have a picture of Sony being pee'd on but u constantly come to their threads and post and even go as far as watching Sony press conferences??? Obsessed much? possibly very scared?????? It doesn't matter what u say U KNOW you are.... why else stalk SONY if you have so much envy for them? haha

kn4079d ago

If you do just simple math and assume every day is a game shipping day, that's a little more than 2 new games every single day for the rest of the year. In a more likely shipping scenario, there are about 18 weeks in the year left so we would have to see about 15 new games made available each and every week.

Panthers4079d ago

Between all the consoles and all the different markets, it is possible.

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