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Forza 3 Ultimate Edition Causes Massive Community Uproar

Lazygamer.net writes: We recently posted about Microsoft and Turn 10′s exciting new Forza 3 Ultimate Edition and Top Gear partnership, but it looks like it wasn’t as exciting to everyone, especially the real dedicated community.

The Turn 10 Studios blog has become somewhat of a warzone since the announcement and to make matters a whole lot worse, Turn 10 are causing more frustration and anger by completely ignoring the whole situation.

More info after the jump. (Forza Motorsport 3, Xbox 360)

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DelbertGrady  +   1878d ago
This is disgraceful. I don't like it when publishers re-release games after 6 months with all the DLC packs, that dedicated fans have bought for their hard earned money, but this is even sillier. Shame on you, Turn 10!
darthv72  +   1878d ago
why is this a big deal?
If you already have the game...so be it. This is obviously to entice people who dont have it. This is no different from when games get released later as delux editions or collectors editions. Oblivion game of the year edition comes to mind.

This just proves that if you wait, a better more complete version of the game will come along. Bring on the disagrees but you know it happens.
SilentNegotiator  +   1878d ago
Oh Turn 10...your actions always scream of the company you're owned by.

Fans who already paid $60+ for the retail game have to spend even more if they want to access some of the new cars? That's ridiculous.
ExplosionSauce  +   1878d ago
That's the main problem. Fans and owners of the original Forza 3 release can't get any of the new content unless they pay $60 again for the repackaged UE.
I was fine with the original game. But I'm not sure how happy the more loyal fans are about this though.
TheBlackSmoke  +   1878d ago
There's nothing wrong bundling DLC with a re-release/goty edition, but any NEW content should at least be available as DLC for owners of the original copy.
ExplosionSauce  +   1878d ago
I think they're also adding new cars and content that people can't acquire unless they buy the "Ultimate Edition".
Basically the same game is being repackaged as a new game.
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moparful99  +   1877d ago
Its obvious this whole thing was orchestrated by microsoft to try and slow gt5... Adding top gear and launching a week before gt5? Cowards man, they run their mouths all year about being the definitive racer this and definitive racer that but now that polyphony took the cover off their massive game microsoft gets scared.. LOl they are afraid of that huge slice of crow pie they are gonna have to swallow.. SO they pull this stunt that is backfiring big time.. Wow cant say i'm surprised though.. THis is microsoft we are talking about...
ShinMaster  +   1877d ago
I have to say
The Top Gear inclusion is straight up idea copy/steal more than coincidence and only a few days apart from GT5's release.
Eamon  +   1878d ago
omg wow. So may comments marked as trolling.

Wtf is going on here!?
gcolley  +   1878d ago
what do you expect when you are on a predominantly PS3 fanboy website, they even outnumber the normal PS3 gamers. anything Turn 10 brings out the trolls.
Moentjers  +   1878d ago
They are explaing the moderating system to a junior and he's having the time of his life.
ShinMaster  +   1878d ago
What are you talking about. It seems quite the opposite this time around.
The comments marked as "trolling/off topic" are nothing close to trolling. In fact, many of the are real Forza players/360 gamers, not PS3 fanboys. READ THE COMMENTS!

* The problem is that the real trolls/360 fanboys, don't even let their own (360 gamers) say anything remotely negative about 360 and its games without marking them for trolling.
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Kaneda  +   1878d ago
I gave this announcements
A 10!!! BAM!!
Darkfocus  +   1878d ago
capcom did the same thing
with Resident evil
Natsu X FairyTail   1878d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
badkolo   1878d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
wenaldy  +   1878d ago
You screwed up your fanbase Turn10.. =/
SpaZaA   1878d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(9)
Yi-Long  +   1878d ago
... they did the same thing with Forza 2 btw...

... which is why I never bought Forza 3. I just wait for a GOTY edition, instead of buying a game fullprice and shelling out money for all the DLC-milking. I'm not supporting that shit.

And now that the Ultimate Edition is almost coming out, I might not even buy it at all.
frostypants  +   1878d ago
And, for those who own both consoles, why would they ever choose this over GT5? I mean really...it's a no brainer...

Dumb move by Turn 10. Just sell the new cars as DLC. Don't be d***s.
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Dlacy13g  +   1878d ago
"And, for those who own both consoles, why would they ever choose this over GT5? I mean really...it's a no brainer... "

Yup you are right it was a no brainer.... Forza 3 has been out for 2 yrs... GT5...still not out yet. I guess people just wanted to play an actual racing game instead of waiting and looking at promises for 2yrs.

And yes...GT5 will be great...but it should have come out long ago.

As for this article... its a 2yr old game...so releasing all the content in one package makes sense...even the limited edition stuff.
militant07  +   1878d ago
its only 1 year old though...
released in Oct. last year

and about buying GT5 only, it's stupid.

FORZA isn't just about racing for everyone. For me i enjoy drawing on cars.
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Dlacy13g  +   1878d ago
I stand corrected..you are totally right ...it was last Oct. that it came out. LOL...for whatever reason it feels like i have been playing Forza 3 for more than just a year. Oh well...either way...its been out a while.
gcolley  +   1878d ago
@frosty - And, for those who own both consoles, why would they ever choose this over GT5? I mean really...it's a no brainer...

you are just an idiot and a troll, nothing more. who said you ever have to choose d1pshit, that is the whole point of owning both consoles
wenaldy  +   1878d ago
I back to logged in and i saw many comments above have been reported... I don't know what happened to the mods... =/

And WTH i can't find my edit button!!!
chazjamie  +   1878d ago
its weird the whole trolling thing. do big cc's really look at these sites, and say "hey mods, that not very nice. make them say betterer things".

on topic, this situation reminds of mgs4. that hideo kojima not listening to any of our requests. what makes it worse is his attitude: "its an old game, dont have time, maybe if i had some time i would think about it or get get a younger team to do it, but not any time soon".agh!!!!

so to be ignored and having your comment labelled as trolling (which makes no sense if you look at the first comment) is disheartening. Its unfair:paying for an ultimate edition (because the company refuses to do it any other way) and being a victim in the troll war.
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CimmerianDrake  +   1878d ago
My comment got reported as trolling for telling the truth, that most of the comments in this thread AREN'T trolling and AREN'T off topic. You just CAN'T talk bad about Forza 3. I have NEVER seen such an incorrectly, yet heavily, modded thread ever on N4G, and I've been here for years.

I predict I can say "Forza 3 sucks" and it will be reported as either Trolling or Off Topic. I am calling it right now. My post will be marked as any of the 3 qualifiers necessary to be hidden from viewing.

Forza 3 is the most taboo subject on this entire site. I can't even believe it. It's as though Turned 10, sorry Turn 10, are the owners of this site.
DatNJDom81   1878d ago | Trolling | show
SonyWarrior   1878d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
EvilBlackCat  +   1878d ago
"The major issues stems from the fact that Turn 10 have included new vehicles into the pack that can only be obtained by buying the Ultimate Edition."

- SO WHAT? How much Forza 3 cost right now?
A new Forza 3 edition its going to cost around $50-$60. Why complain?

"Most of the community members have already shelled out the full price for the original game as well as additional money towards all of the additional DLC packs."


"It’s for that reason that many of them see it as a complete slap in the face to have to buy another full game in order to get the new content and let’s face it, these guys want those cars more than anyone."

- HOW MUCH IS MANY? "to buy another full game in order to get the new content" eeeh? there is a thing on xboxlive that is called DLC. NO DOUBT it will come for free or at low price.

"Even worse, most of these guys have spent the last year trying to get Turn 10 to fix issues and bugs with the game only to have a lot of the issues remain, not to mention packaged up with more content and release all over again. This, also after still not releasing one of the Jalopnik packs that was promised ages ago."

- They fix a lot of things already so what are the issues now? THE CONNECTION PROBLEM of those who compalin when the game lag happens because OF THEIR CONNECTION and fools here call it a BUG/Glitch? They promised the Jalopnik pack and they haven't delivered yet... so WHO LOSS? DID they pay in advance for it?

"Everything started getting really out of hand when the comments where being completely ignored only to have Turn 10 allegedly start deleting comments as well."

- mmm this is suspicious ITS A CONSPIRACY.

"Lately, Turn 10 has been focusing a lot on their Kinect integration, and with this new pack, are also looking to attract more newcomers and casuals. Either way, this is not how you treat your dedicated fan base, especially so close to the release of a rival title that is looking mind-blowing."

- OH MY GOD!!!! THEY ARE NAZIS because of this!!! TURN 10 IS THE BEAST of Revelation 13!!! OMG!!!

"Turn 10 had better start doing some serious damage control, most of their most dedicated fans are pretty much saying their goodbyes and moving over to F1 2010 and Gran Turismo now, not a good thing for Turn 10 and the franchise in the long run."

- mmm go to Forza and Sim Racing forums and ask around people.
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Elvfam511  +   1878d ago
I think you lost your marbles... I got a bag of them you want some...
LeonVesper  +   1878d ago
It's the principle.
It's not a problem about purchasing a 50 dollar game. Two weeks at a minimum wage paying job would circumvent such an issue. But that is beside the point. Apparently Turn 10 fails to grasp that their original fan base was the ones who brought Forza and the company behind it to its relative success as a racing simulator.

I know I hate using this as an example, but it is like asking why would anyone pay for the 360's Gold Live account? Objectively, you get a lot of content that people will enjoy. Principally, taking it as a console versus the competition on the market, why would I need to pay 50 dollars a year just to use a portion of the content I only need, when the other consoles do it for free?

Coincidentally, this is actually on par with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Game of the Year edition. The people who have purchased the existing DLC content may or may not feel ripped off with purchasing Uncharted 2 early. The 35 dollars worth of DLC content prior to GOTY may make early adopters jealous, but nothing "new" is given to late adopters that the current fan base haven't owned and know every little detail about. However, the problem about the new Forza game coming out is that Turn 10 hasn't announced for their original fan base is the addition of the new vehicles only applicable by purchasing the Ultimate Edition. If there is a way that the existing fanbase can get the new information without paying for such a thing, this backlash by the community might not have appeared, but unless Turn 10 makes an announcement for their fans about the segregation they are about to commit, people have all right to feel offended and ripped off.

If anything, say for example, you purchased a phone with all the bells and whistles. One year later, the same company released a new phone with all the same bells and whistles you had with your old phone, but with special content specific to the new phones that came out. As of now, the company said nothing about giving your phone an update to get that special, exclusive content for free. How would you feel? Would you go and pay for that new phone, just because it cost the same price as the phone you purchased?
mastiffchild  +   1878d ago
Indeed Leonvesper. The issue here is with a dev that since THAT Greenawalt powered E3 behaved in a less than fitting manner-rigged polls, unfair digs at the opposition, the "definitive" BS when they don't even cover all the features in every other sim(which to cl;aim what they did you must do)and a whole raft of arrogance for no apparent reason and definitely no need.

Now, the act of bringing out a new version of the game with content unavailable elsewhere may be annoying to owners who supported T10 and F3 but it's hardly an isolated case-many devs and games have had the same kind of thing happen. However, the fact they seem to be both ignoring and muting fans complaining about having to buy another version despite buying the original AND the DLC is what's got people annoyed again and, to me, seems further evidence of an attitude issue at T10. I LIKE the Forza series but made my choice not to buy ~F~3 because I don't like rewarding arrogant and tasteless behaviour from those who should know much better,. It doesn't offer anything LIKE a good example for a gaming community which already has many fanboy issues of it's own without the developers acting in similar ways.

Forza3 is a good game, in a good series but sadly it isn't enough for T10 and they keep making themselves look a bit daft with their continued actions and, really, I fail to see just why they have done ANY of it. Why abuse your staunchest fans by ignoring them? These are the guys who stuck with them while people like me felt their actions made F3 unbuyable, people who wanted T10's game so much they could let that slide and this is how they're repaid? That's the issue as I see it and a little back and forth with their fans wwould have shut this one up before it went this far, for sure.
nycredude  +   1878d ago
Umm what is going on in here? I smell fish...
Leathersoup  +   1878d ago
It's odd how often Turn 10 pulls this. Every time the fanbase becomes upset with them they basically lock down all threads on their forums. It's a shame to see the same thing occurring here. Perhaps the moderators here are the same people? Sounds like some conflict of interest to me.

At any rate, I'm sick of the way Turn 10 handles any of their situations. From the first mention of Forza 3 they blatantly lied about the features and capability of their game engine. They've misrepresented their product and any time someone attempts to bring it to light they find some way of shutting them up. I find it to be horrible.
PRHB HYBRiiD   1878d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
FACTUAL evidence   1878d ago | Trolling | show
BrutallyBlunt  +   1878d ago
It's bad practice but
This has been going on for years. Companies care more about getting new customers than rewarding old ones and the most loyal ones too. Look around with cable companies or phone companies and what they offer to new customers. So what incentive is there for anyone to stay loyal anymore?

I can see why Turn 10 is doing this (or Microsoft). They need to try and sell a product over again and how do you do that? Well by adding new content. So why is this such a big deal when it happens ALL THE TIME on home video releases? How many times are we going to see Avatar released for example? Will the studio give out the new content for free or just the new content? Of course not. However with Forza it's a bit different, people play this game online all the time so it is kind of a slap in the face to see new cars or whatnot that you can't get unless you buy a whole new package which would make your old game 100% useless.

This is why game publishers really need a better relationship with their customers. Have a trade-in program or some sort of incentive for your loyal userbase to stay loyal.
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LeonSKennedy4Life   1878d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
barinho   1878d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Leathersoup  +   1878d ago
Well actually Turn 10 knows that after all the hot air they've been spewing over their mediocre title that they only way they'll be able to pump their sales up to match Gran Turismo's sales is by selling versions that have something extra that you can't get through DLC. From all the misrepresentation that was spewed prior to releasing Forza 3, and the unearned arrogance that was displayed by the publicity people, this sort of shady activity seems to be just par for the course.
Graey  +   1878d ago
You know
this really could all be resolved if these guys just released the stuff as DLC. Doesn't rightly make sense to re-release the game with what basically is DLC. Just enough to clarify for a re-release. So in reality they have 2 camps. The people who don't have F3, which in that case this would be good. Secondly you have the veterans who already have the game...for them I would just say release the stuff as DLC, but if they did that then, you wouldn't be able to sell it to the new ones.

Potentially I think they would make a better killing selling the stuff as DLC. Simply because selling it repackaged, kind of kills 50% of the base your trying to sell to why the other half may or may not buy it..so you have an even 25/25 give or take on either side. So you just alienated the possible base for the maybe base. But they didn't take into account what will happen when the possibles tell the maybe's...its all a sh!t storm from there.

I've said this before, we as gamers have to shut this stuff down before it gets out of hand. We have the power not them...if we don't buy they don't get paid. Well in theory anyway.
skrug  +   1878d ago
well, if they don't release it as DLC, and fans that really want it, will buy F3 U.E. and boose F3 game sales...

maybe they will release it as a dlc a couple of month later and screw those people too...
Malice-Flare  +   1878d ago
bad turn T10...
i'll wait until it becomes available as DLC, Polyphony Digital gets my money this November...

heh, i'm amused that this same comment is tagged as trolling down below...
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blikz   1878d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
enkeixpress  +   1878d ago
Forza 3 Ultimate Edition?

Sweet, I'll pick it up once it drops in price.. as I already own the Limited Edition.
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Morbo   1878d ago | Spam
KillerPwned  +   1878d ago
You poor poor man
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AusWarrior   1878d ago | Bad language | show
StrifeHawkins   1878d ago | Trolling | show
Erotic Sheep   1878d ago | Trolling | show
Jdoki   1878d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Akagi  +   1878d ago
Terrible way to treat your fans (me included). Feeling really jipped on this. Needless to say, I won't be buying this.
Orange Juice   1878d ago | Trolling | show
Malice-Flare   1878d ago | Trolling | show
Michael-Jackson   1878d ago | Trolling | show
NateDPG   1878d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
PS3DOESIT4ME   1878d ago | Trolling | show
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mcstorm  +   1878d ago
Lol that has just blown everything out of the water. We all know Turn 10 will release the extra bits as a DLC once the game is out and I remember them saying after E3 2009 that 12 months after Forza 3 was released they were going to make a special edition with all the DLC included extra tracks and also some of the best cerated designs that the public has cerated on the cars so stop bitching.
If you dont like it dont buy it and go and get GT5 or F1 2010.
Forza 3 is one of the best driving games cerated this gen no matter what the fan boys say to me if your a fan of racing games you tend to buy all the racing games any way so really dont see a problem with what turn 10 are doing by bringing this version its just people trying to start a fan war again.
barinho  +   1878d ago
Every game has been having GOTY editions with the dlc included.Why is this only an issue when it´s a 360 exclusive?
PirateThom  +   1878d ago
Biggest  +   1878d ago
Reading is obviously painful to some. Trust me guys. . . Chicks dig guys that read.
DigitalAnalog   1878d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
Karum  +   1878d ago
You didn't even read the article and/or comprehend it did you...

There's content not even available via DLC for those who already bought the game.

GOTY editions normally come with DLC that's available to everyone, not with content unavailable to others.
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PJF_Josh   1878d ago | Trolling | show
Why o why  +   1878d ago
not commenting on the game...just the practice
is the resident evil gold edition any different from this or is everything in the gold edition available..

actually i think the move integration is only with the gold so its kinda the same thing kinda. Luckily i picked my gold edition up for under 13 quid from asda.. I never had the original so i it seemed like a steal for me.

Seems like with all the dlc it still doesnt have more vehicles or features than gt5 will ship with...*sigh* feel i little bad for the forza community. Its strange to see some actually defending this also....talk about bartered wife syndrome
Christopher  +   1878d ago
Kinda, but all of the content in the Gold Edition is available as DLC. The only thing not available is Move support. But, it doesn't prevent anyone from playing the whole game and all extra content and you already know they have a DS3 since they've played it already.
C_Dub   1878d ago | Trolling | show
FriedGoat  +   1878d ago
Makes me sick.
GoldPS3  +   1878d ago
LOL at your avatar
SSKILLZ   1878d ago | Trolling | show
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