1UP previews Haze; 'Vehicle & Guns' gameplay video

Ever since it was announced as a timed exclusive for the PS3, all eyes have been on Free Radical's Haze. What was it exactly about the game that compelled Sony to want it released on the PS3 ahead of any other platforms? Haze was playable for the very first time at Ubisoft's Leipzig Games Convention booth and 1UP attempted to find out exactly that.

It's hard to say that it's entirely evident that Haze will be the triple-A title that Sony is looking for. It seems a bit rough around the edges (the A.I. needs some work, too) and 1UP just haven't seen enough yet to adequately judge. But the potential for Haze to be something special is certainly there, especially when taking into account the jungle area. Who knows? Maybe this will be the game to finally elevate Free Radical from "good" to "great" in terms of its developer status. God knows, they've certainly worked for it.

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shodown194129d ago

: lays out the troll blanket filled with trollcide :

They'll be here shortly.

Daz4129d ago

I think it looks like another liner fps from that video but i will still get it because im an fps.

JPomper4129d ago

I'm still not seeing what's so amazing about this game.

V2oom4129d ago

It looks like a game that will be forgotten within a month.
This is the real deal

deepio4129d ago

I'm a fps fan too so if this ticks all the boxes I'm in (when it arrives on the 360 that is).

Oh and whoever was driving in that video was keerrraaap!!

TheMART4129d ago

Not only the AI need some work...

Been playing it on pressday in the Ubisoft stand and indeed, the AI is dumb. Sometimes I could stand besides an enemy for some time and the guy wouldn't even notice me. Could do straight headshots from close distance.

Even more disturbing was the big AA problems, or better said the total lack of, and worse: the graphics seem to move in the distance like waves of water. Blurry, shaky, just bad stuff.

I may hope its a real old build or they will get this fixed...

hazeblaze4129d ago

The A.I. still needs work but none of the problems you stated were evident. The AA work looks GOOD and although the AI still needs tuning, you can't just stand around the enemy without catching fire. You're full of crap.

Kaze884129d ago

I think that video shows us just demo what they have done to the event, not the full version. so i can forgive that low distance sight and blurry thing. They just must have it fixed on the full version.
That driver on that vid really sucks on driving, where did he get his driving licence? Terrible driver, he even makes the game look bad. Just like in the heavenly sword vid where the guy didnt make any counter attacks or guard break combos.

Kyur4ThePain4129d ago

hit the "Ignore" button on you? Wouldn't blame him.

Kleptic4129d ago

ahahahha ^^^^ possibly the best comment ever...

I hate you mart....good to see you are still alive after trying to cool off your 360 in the drink yesterday though...

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